• Gain Early Access to Madden 21 Ultimate Team with EA Access

    There are a number of unique features available through EA Access, one of which is checking out Madden 21 Ultimate Team before most other gamers.
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  • Which Edition of the Madden 21 Game Should you Buy?

    This year, there are a total of three Madden 21 editions available. Those options are the Standard Edition, Superstar Edition, and Ultimate Superstar Edition. They all come with a different price point along with a difference in the number of fantasy packs you receive.
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  • In-Depth Review of Madden NFL 21 Game

    Madden is the longest franchise for EA Sports. As such, it has gone through innumerable transformations, some received well by sports gamers and some not so much. Over time, it has gotten increasingly harder to please those who most like sports games.
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  • Who Is The Madden Game Cover Athlete and Why?

    There is always great talk around who will grace the cover of Madden 21. There has always been the talk of the Madden curse, which has since been reversed.

    This year, the Madden 21 cover features Kansas City Chiefs’ quarterback Patrick Mahomes. However, there were other athletes under consideration for the coveted cover. There was a total of 10 players that were up for the spot, with the public voting for their top choice. There was much talk around which position should be featured, based on which ones have been left off the cover the longest. The public got to vote for who they wanted to see on the cover.

    The Top 10 Contenders

    There were 10 athletes who were considered top contenders for the cover of Madden 21. Only one could be chosen.

    Julian Edelman

    Edelman was an expected contender, especially following the Pats win in Superbowl 53. His MVP performance included 10 catches for 141 yards. However, it wasn’t likely Edelman would get the honor since Antonio Brown had been the cover of Madden 19. It didn’t seem promising that a receiver would be featured two years on a row.

    Ezekiel Elliot

    Elliot is going into his fourth season and given that it has been five years since a running back made the cover, this Cowboy seemed like a top contender.

    Matthew Stafford

    The Detroit Lions have had more cover athletes than any other team. Stafford seemed to be the only reasonable choice from this current team.

    Russel Wilson

    Wilson just inked the biggest contract in the history of the NFL, totaling one hundred and forty million dollars, making him a clear contender for the coveted cover spot.

    Khalil Mack

    Similar to the running back position, a defensive player hasn’t been featured on the cover since Madden 15. Mack seemed like a legitimate option since he had such a great year in the 2018 season. In addition, there has never been a player from the Chicago Bears to make the cover.

    Tom Brady

    Tom Brady seems to always be a contender but even more so given that he just secured his sixth Superbowl ring. He is still playing at the highest level even at 42 years old, making him a clear option. It wasn’t likely he’d get the top spot since he was featured so recently, but anything is possible when playing at his level for so long.

    Todd Gurley

    Gurley seemed liked a better choice last year but was still a contender this year. His lackluster end to the 2018 season took him out of the running a bit. Had he been selected, he would have been the first player from the Rams to be featured on the cover since Madden 2013. On that cover was Marshall Faulk.

    Baker Mayfield

    This quarterback for the Cleveland Browns is young and still has time to make the cover at some point in his career. In a poll for who should make the Madden 21 cover, he scored 40.8% of the vote.

    Saquon Barkley

    His 2018 season included 1307 total yards and 15 touchdowns. He came in a strong second in the polling with 17% of the vote.

    Patrick Mahomes

    Ultimately no one beat Mahomes in polling. He had an impressive second season and has scored votes from those outside of Kansas City.

    Madden 21 Cover

    The graphics on the cover of the game varies depending in the edition you select. Each of them features Mahomes. However, his pose and look is different depending on whether you purchase the Standard version, Ultimate Superstar or Superstar Edition.

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  • Twitch Prime - Free Exclusive Items for Madden NFL 21

    Twitch Prime is free if you have Amazon Prime. It is free even if you have the Prime membership for students. You basically just need to turn it on and then link your Amazon account with your Twitch one. Then, you can start scoring free items along with other loot and perks.
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  • What are the New Features Added to Madden 21?

    There are a number of new features added to Madden 21, all of which enhance your gameplay and help to improve your gaming experience. The top features and upgrades that are new to Madden 21 and that you would not have experienced in Madden 19 are:
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  • How to Calculate EA Tax on Madden Ultimate Team?

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    Similar to buying MUT Coins from reputable distributors, you can also sell your MUT Coins if you are looking to cash in on your excess coins. However, not all distributors are made equal. makes the process of selling your MUT Coins as easy as possible, similar to the process used to buy them. Read More

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  • Possibilities of Having an Abundance of Madden Ultimate Team Coins!

    The primary form of currency in Madden Ultimate Team, or MUT, is MUT Coins. Having a sufficient number of these coins is integral to being and staying successful in the game. In order to maintain success in the game, you must have and keep as strong a roster as possible. Having coins at your disposal will help you build the best team possible, enabling you to be successful in head-to-head matchups. Read More

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