What are the New Features Added to Madden 21?

There are a number of new features added to Madden 21, all of which enhance your gameplay and help to improve your gaming experience.

The top features and upgrades that are new to Madden 21 and that you would not have experienced in Madden 19 are:

  1. Signature Animations
  2. Superstar X-Factor
  3. QB1 Personalized Scenarios
  4. College QB/NCAA Championships
  5. Pro Bowl
  6. New Option Plays
  7. Unique Playbooks
  8. Upgrades to the Pump Fake
  9. On-field trainer
  10. New Celebrations
  11. MUT Missions

Signature Animations

With Madden 21, you’ll experience animations that are more similar to what you see when watching football on Sunday afternoon. There are a few new animations available with this edition of the game.

Superstar X-Factor

This feature is highly anticipated and offers about 50 Superstar X Factor players. There are also more than 30 Superstar players available. You get both Superstar and Zone abilities.

There are more than 140 Superstar abilities available and more than 21 Zone abilities.

QB1 Personalized Scenarios

This upgrade can be found in Franchise mode and lets you play as your franchise’s main character. You create your quarterback, pick your college and work up to the NFL.

You can play in college playoffs, make your way to the NFL combine and then the draft. Finally, you can end up in the Pro Bowl and Superbowl.

This is different from Madden 19 because there is a focus on creating game options that are personalized to you. This feature us not independent. It works with the Franchise mode and it ends once you make it to the pros.

College QB/NCAA Championships

This is a part of the new QB1 feature. You can play college football, playoffs and in the NCAA Championship. There are currently 10 schools from which you can choose. Then you can play college football games and enter the NFL combine and draft.

Pro Bowl

This is a feature many gamers have wanted for quite some time. It allows you to play in the Pro Bowl. This takes place when you are using the QB1 feature in Franchise mode. You can also access it when playing with a standard Franchise.

New Option Plays

There are more run and pass options in Madden 21 than what you experienced in Madden 19.

Unique Play Books

Madden NFL 21 has introduced unique playbooks from team to team. Not having this feature in previous editions of the game was a major complaint from gamers. Now, you’ll experience a greater number of differences between teams, which you’ll want to consider when selecting your picks for Madden Ultimate Team. With this feature, you will be able to make more adjustments during the game. You’ll also have more options when it comes to building your overall gameplay strategy.

Upgrades to the Pump Fake

In Madden 21, you can now pump fake to specified players. This opens up coverage and can help you move your opponent around the field in ways you couldn’t in Madden 19.

On-Field Trainer

The on-field trainer will walk you through how to use all of the new features available.

New Celebrations

You’ll enjoy new first downs and touchdowns celebrations with Madden 21. This helps give the game a more authentic feel when compared to Madden 19.

MUT Missions

Madden 21 introduces new MUT Missions and you’ll continue to find new ones as you play more. You can earn rewards to help build up your team. You can also play in Ultimate Challenges either independently or with a group.

Top Rated Overall 10 Players

There are just four players in Madden 21 who have a score of 99 overall. They are DeAndre Hopkins, Bobby Wagner, Aaron Donald and Khalil Mack. The best quarterback rating goes to Patrick Mahomes with a 97 overall. The best wide receiver is Hopkins with a 99 and the best running back is Todd Gurley with a 97.

The worst team overall is the Miami Dolphins with the Philadelphia Eagles taking the top spot. The Eagles have a rating of 89 while the Dolphins have one of 74.

The top 10 players overall in Madden 21 are:

• Aaron Donald (99)
• Khalil Mack (99)
• DeAndre Hopkins (99)
• Bobby Wagner (99)
• Luke Kuechly (98)
• Antonio Brown (98)
• Julio Jones (98)
• Patrick Mahomes (97)
• David Bakhtiari (97)
• Todd Gurley (97)

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