In-Depth Review of Madden NFL 21 Game

Madden is the longest franchise for EA Sports. As such, it has gone through innumerable transformations, some received well by sports gamers and some not so much. Over time, it has gotten increasingly harder to please those who most like sports games. There seems to be only so many improvements that can be made to the game.

While Madden NFL is always highly anticipated, true gamers who have been playing the game since its onset are always quick to come forward with criticisms. Here we will outline what to expect from the new version of the game, Madden NFL 21, and the pros and cons of the new features. We’ll also talk about the cost of the game and the platforms on which its available.

New Features in Madden 21

There are several new features introduced in Madden 21 but perhaps the biggest change is the introduction of new X-factors and superstar abilities. The game basically introduces a new mechanic to the game, which is already quite established. This is no small feat.

This feature basically means that players are now placed under one of several archetypes, which house superstar abilities. Those abilities are ranked in tiers. If you hit specified targets, the abilities and tiers are activated, and your players become even more powerful. This is particularly true when the X-factors are used.

EA seems to be really invested in this new feature, given that you are greeted with an X-factor database right on the main menu. Not every gamer is going to like this feature. Your affinity for it will depend on how much you like roleplaying in your gameplay.


The overall presentation of Madden 21 has been improved and its pretty noticeable. The lighting and audio make it seem even more genuine than previous editions of the game. You’ll hear talking between the players, crowd noises, and even big hits made on the field.

You will also get a more responsive feel overall. Running the ball will feel smoother. You’ll need to set your quarterback’s feet before throwing to your wide receiver.

Ultimate Team

If you play Madden because of Ultimate Team, you will likely still be pretty satisfied with Madden 21. There is a great focus on this part of the game. This is apparent given the focus put on the challenges as well as the content that is released throughout the year.

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Pros and Cons

The major pros of Madden 21 include its overall presentation and Ultimate Team, which again brings great depth to the game.

Cons include the fact that it seems Franchise mode was overlooked for tweaks again. In addition, the mechanics, which feel rushed, could get old for true gamers really quickly.

Costs and Platforms

The formats available for Madden NFL 21 are PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox One. There are three price points available. The standard version will cost you $59.99. The Superstar Edition is $79.99 and the Ultimate Superstar Edition is $99.99. The Ultimate Superstar Edition is only available digitally which means that you won’t be able to trade it in if that is the version you choose to buy.

The two more expensive editions come with three days of early access, along with more fantasy packs.

Overall Review

Overall, it seems that Madden NFL 21 seems to be failing at finding new ways to be innovative. This isn’t entirely shocking given that there are so many improvements that can be made on a yearly basis. However, with that said, it seems that gamers are catching on the very basic changes being made and it may be short time before new, more extensive improvements are expected.

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