Gain Early Access to Madden 21 Ultimate Team with EA Access

There are a number of unique features available through EA Access, one of which is checking out Madden 21 Ultimate Team before most other gamers.

Overall, EA Access allows you to download a number of digital titles without having to pay the full price for them. In addition, you have access to trials of new EA games before they are released. Because of these extras, many gamers are starting to wonder if it makes sense to get EA Access.

What do you get with EA Access?

With EA Access you get the full version of more than 50 different games. These games all come from the EA catalog and can include some of the most popular ones currently available. For example, you could access editions of games like NHL, FIFA, Madden, and Sims. You do have to keep subscribing to maintain access to the games, however. So, if you cancel your subscription, you no longer have access to them. If you pick your subscription back up, you can go back to playing them.

You also get discounted purchases on digital games that go straight to your console. If you purchase enough of them, you could theoretically pay for the cost of your EA access in due time. You get 10% off on digital video games as well as content that is downloadable that you purchase through the PlayStation or Xbox store. You can use that discount even when a game is already on sale.

With early access, you also get your hands on new video games five days before they hit shelves. You get nearly the full game and you can play for up to 10 hours. This can help you decide if you want to purchase them. This means you can play them for five days before they even reach their earliest release date.

Cost and Platforms

EA Access has a price tag of either $4.99 per month or $29.99 for the full year. Once purchased, you can download as many games as you want whenever you want. The games to which you’ll have access change periodically, but you aren’t limited at all when it comes to how many games you can download or play at any given time.

The EA games available are compatible with PlayStation 5, Xbox Series S or Xbox Series X. You’ll also find backwards compatible Xbox 360 games.

Is EA Access worth the cost?

Having a 10% off discount can really add up. In fact, you can get your investment back really quickly. Buy three games a year and you’ve already paid for your EA Access.

It can really be worth the $4.99 a month. You get to expand the access you have to different games and you can try out new ones. If you are unsure about purchasing big releases, you can try them out five days before anyone else which is a nice feature.

Overall the trials, discounts, and games you can access in the vault make purchasing EA Access worth it.

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