Which Edition of the Madden 21 Game Should you Buy?

This year, there are a total of three Madden 21 editions available. Those options are the Standard Edition, Superstar Edition, and Ultimate Superstar Edition. They all come with a different price point along with a difference in the number of fantasy packs you receive. There are a few other differences between the three options as well.

Looking at comparisons between the editions and learning about each will help you decide which edition is right for you.

Ultimate Superstar Edition

This version of Madden offers several bonus options, the most of any other editions available. This is the best option for diehard players of MUT. Along with a variety of other benefits, you get an advantage with the elite players.

The Madden 21 Ultimate Superstar Edition will cost you the most money at $99.99. It is only available digitally, but you do get 3 days early access to the full game. You also get the most gold team fantasy packs of any of the editions, with a total of fifteen. You get every feature available including your choice of 1 unique superstar ability, a choice of 1 of thirty two elite players, 1 Madden championship series pack, 1 past and present elite player pack, and 1 large training quick sell pack.

Superstar Edition

The Madden 21 Superstar Edition of Madden will cost you $79.99. It is available both digitally and in physical copy and you are able to access the full game three days early. This is a great option if you play Madden Ultimate Team. In fact, it used to be the edition recommended most since it was previously the top-end version of the game. You will start off playing with a good team and you are primed to complete some missions and challenges with ease when compared to the Standard version.

With the Madden 21 Superstar Edition, you’ll get twelve Gold Team Fantasy Packs and your choice of 1 unique superstar ability. You will not get the 1 Madden championship series pack or the past and present elite player pack.

Standard Edition

The Madden 21 Standard Edition is the cheapest of the three options and will cost you $59.99. It is available in both physical copy and digital, but it does not come with early access to the full game. You also do not get the 1 large training quick sell pack, 1 Madden Championship Pack, or 1 Past and Present elite player pack.

You do get your choice of 1 out of thirty two elite players as well as one choice for unique superstar ability. You get 5 gold team fantasy packs with the Standard edition.

Physical Disc vs Digital

Once you decide which edition you’d like to purchase, you need to choose if you want it digitally or in physical copy. There are pros and cons to both. With a physical copy of the game, you can let a family member or friend borrow it. You can also trade it in later, which you cannot do with a digital version. In fact, there are often trade-in promotions available that allow you to trade in your older physical copy of Madden and get some cash toward the new edition.

With a digital version, you do not have to switch disks in order to play and there is no downtime when waiting for installation. The Madden 21 Standard Edition and the Madden 21 Superstar Edition are both available in a physical disc or digitally. However, the Madden 21 Ultimate Superstar Edition is only available digitally.

The other good benefit of buying the Madden NFL 21 game as a physical copy is that you can always re-sell it to either a friend, family member or back to a store.


The mobile version of the game is free. You can also access Madden 21 on your PC, PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X.

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