How to Calculate EA Tax on Madden Ultimate Team?

Anyone who is a gamer likely knows and plays Madden Ultimate Team. It is one of the most popular games on the market and has been popular since its first introduction. With each new iteration of the game, it seems it becomes more popular, with more gamers choosing to take part. Most new releases come with new features which intrigue both avid Madden gamers as well as those new to the series.

For many players, buying MUT Coins is a key part to being and staying successful in the game. By having an abundance of MUT Coins, players are better able to purchase big items or players and they can do so quicker than they’d otherwise be able to through progressing through the game. The whole point of the game is to build the best and strongest roster possible in order to win head-to-head matchups and stay competitive. Having a good number of MUT Coins helps better equip players in doing just that. That said, if you are starting out in Madden, there are some things about purchasing MUT Coins that you should know, particularly because it can have an impact in your overall Coin balance.

If you decide to make a purchase of MUT Coins, you will see that there is a tax imposed by EA on that purchase, and on all MUT Coins purchases. This tax is equal to 10% of your overall MUT Coin purchase. So, if you are choosing to buy your MUT Coins from an online distributor, you should do so carefully, particularly because you are already going to have to make a payment to EA. is a reputable site so we can use a purchase on that site as an example. If you were to purchase coins from, you will always know exactly how many MUT Coins you are purchasing and for how much since the site uses a feature that takes EA tax into account when determining your balance. This means that every player who uses for their MUT Coins purchases knows exactly how many MUT Coins they are getting for their money. There's no hidden surprises.

There are a couple of different reasons why EA imposes this tax on Madden coin purchases. To start, the tax was created to address the way in which money moves through the game. Money enters the game’s economy through various channels such as by winning challenges, buying coins, or purchasing packs. That said, money only ever leaves the game through purchasing items that are consumable within the game’s constraints.

Because of this, the way in which money moves through the game can lead to an inflation problem, which can be documented through the purchase of players that are bought more frequently. If you put a player up for sale at 100,000 MUT Coins and another gamer purchases them, you as the seller only receive 90,000 coins, not the 100,000 you listed for the player. This is because EA takes the 10% of the sale price for taxation.

Players are often not happy about having to pay the EA tax but it doesn’t seem that ill-intentioned on the part of EA. Instead, it seems EA is just trying to address some of the issues that arise with the overall purchasing mechanisms within the game. There also doesn’t seem to be any indication that EA is profiting from the tax.

In actuality, it seems that the amount taken through the tax actually just leaves the game’s economy altogether. The tax does serve to prove that gamers cannot buy low and then sell high on certain items and players.

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