Twitch Prime - Free Exclusive Items for Madden NFL 21

If you want to get some free items for Madden NFL 21, signing up for Twitch Prime is a good idea.

Twitch Prime is free if you have Amazon Prime. It is free even if you have the Prime membership for students. You basically just need to turn it on and then link your Amazon account with your Twitch one. Then, you can start scoring free items along with other loot and perks.

What is Twitch Prime?

Twitch Prime is a membership through Amazon and Twitch. It gives you free stuff, such as in-game loot and exclusives, along with several other perks. You get extra in-game content and bonus games and the best part is, its free.

Twitch Prime is an experience that comes with your Amazon Prime membership. If you want to try it out, you can do so for 30 days and you’ll get all of the benefits right away when you link your Twitch account to your Amazon one. If you already have Amazon Prime or Prime Video, you also have Twitch Prime. It comes standard with your membership to Amazon Prime.

Twitch Prime and Madden

Once you link your Twitch account with your EA one, you can start accessing the benefits. Go to Madden Ultimate Team mode on your game. If you are already a MUT gamer, you will see something pop up that shows you all of your new items. If you are brand new to MUT, you’ll sift through a few screens that welcome you and sign you up. Then you will see your new content.

Madden on Twitch holds streams every day except Sunday at 10:30 am Eastern Time. Watch the stream to get the most currently news and to connect with other gamers in the Madden community.

In addition, if you watch the full stream, you get a pack when the stream is finished for the day. You might also get other drops that occur randomly during the stream. This is kind of a way to make sure you are still watching. You basically just watch the live streams, play Madden 21 and then get packs.

To make sure you get the Twitch drop rewards, be sure you are always watching the streams from your primary account. In addition, you don’t want to ever change your browser over to a different tab. Just keep it on the stream. If you switch to another tab, your viewing progress will reset automatically.

You can only link your EA account with one Twitch account at a time. In addition, the promotional content you receive through the partnership can only be used with the EA account linked at the time.

Twitch Prime will not necessarily directly give you free Madden Coins, but it will give you free packs which can be opened for players and consumables which can then later be sold on the auction house.

What is Madden Live?

Madden Live is a partnership program with EA that features 4 Twitch streamers every month. Those streamers stream with Twitch Drops on their channels.

The five streamers that stream on the weekdays come after Good Morning Madden. There is also a special Sunday stream starting sometime soon that gives away additional content and loot. That one will lead into Sunday’s NFL football once the regular season officially kicks off.

Many gamers are using their Twitch Prime account to get an advantage over their competition. Not only are they able to access new content and bonus items, but they are also able to build some comradery with the Madden community. If you are looking to stay competitive, there really is no reason you shouldn’t be linking your Twitch and EA account, especially if you already have Amazon Prime. It is basically a free membership that can help your gameplay.

Twitch Prime Now Known As Prime Gaming

On August 2020, Amazon, renamed their beloved Twitch Prime brand into Prime Gaming. Thus, aligning it with their 'Amazon Prime' brand.

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