Madden Ultimate Team Tips and Tricks

If you play Madden or Madden Ultimate Team, known as MUT to avid gamers, you know how important it is to have some tricks up your sleeve to perform at your highest level in the game. There are some tricks and tips that can help move your team along and can help you be and stay competitive in the game, securing some of the best players and capitalizing on them. If you know some of these tricks and your competition does not, you are already at an advantage.

One of the tips for playing successful Madden Ultimate Team is to pay special attention to zone assignments in the game. So, if you make the choice to control a player who has a responsibility for a zone in the field, you must know his assignment. You want to be careful if you roam too much because while some straying is okay, you could risk big plays for the offense if you move too far.

The second MUT tip is to make sure that you choose your spots to go for the pick. In other words, try to resist the urge to always go for the interception. Instead, make sure that you are only going after the pick when it’s the best time. This tends to be when you’re controlling the safety and your cornerback is already set up with the receiver.

A good trick to keep in mind when playing MUT is to play the man or swat in one-on-one situations. When a gamer is playing one-on-one against a top-rated receiver, it can create a really challenging circumstance. The best way to get out of these situations is to always keep a safety near the most dangerous weapons downfield. Of course, that is often easier said than done. When you are in man-to-man coverage, you’d be advised to resist going for the interception. The better play is to press A/X to swat the ball or X/square to make contact with the relevant receiver. Using this tactic will help you break up more passes than the alternative and if it does nothing else, it will at least help you limit yardage after the catch.

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You should make sure that you are aware of the various strengths of your various players. Madden 19 really forces gamers to know the strengths of all of their players. You have to know those strengths and then capitalize on them individually. You should, of course, also be aware of the weaknesses of each of your players as well. This will of course vary by player and by position but overall knowing the strengths of your players will only prove to be a positive move for you as a gamer.

You also want to always make sure that you are continuously aware of the ball security of your quarterback. That typically goes without saying but in Madden 19, there is a new ball physics mechanic built in to the game. This produces more realistic fumbles and is very visible with quarterbacks who lose the ball via a sack. You want to make sure that you are aware of the security of the ball with your quarterback. This means staying aware of all of the pass rushers around the quarterback. You should be aware that if he gets hit while in the throwing motion, the chance he fumbles is increased.

The last tip to keep in mind and utilize when playing Madden 19 is that you should ensure that you vary your special moves in the game. Each of the ball carriers in Madden 19 has an enhanced level. You can trigger this enhancement by holding either the trigger or back buttons on the controller. Power moves are used better with the modifier LT/L2 and if you want to enhance speed, you do so with the RT/RT2 button. You want to make sure that you are varying all of these specialty moves with your ball carriers.

There are plenty of ways to enhance your play in Madden 19 but these are pretty reliable in helping to improve your game. Capitalize on these, and know the strengths and weaknesses of your players and you can prove to be very successful in MUT.

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