Will Madden 17 Be Featured On The Nintendo Switch?

2017 will most definitely be an exciting time for gamers with the upcoming Nintendo Switch due to arrive in March. Whilst it has had such a build up though, will we be seeing Madden 17 on what could be one of the newest major game consoles of our generation?

EA Games has of course already been listed as a partner for Switch, announced way back in October 2016. But, as of yet only NBA 2K18 and FIFA have been announced officially out of the EA Sports section of games.

Does this mean we won't be seeing Madden on the Switch then? Maybe not!

Madden games are usually released around August. With the last having been released in August, maybe EA are worried that they've already lost too much time on the platform with the current game, and could be waiting to include it with Madden 18? This is probably one of the more likely situations also. By August the Switch will have had 5 months in circulation - hence EA will be able to get an idea of how successful it is by then. But, then again, the same can be said for them with waiting for NBA 2K18 (due to be released in September).

If we look back, Madden NFL 13 was the last Madden game to be featured on a Nintendo console (being the Wii). On the other hand, EA hasn't released Madden on PC since Madden NFL 08. It's quite possible that this reduces the likelihood of them risking releasing it on the Switch. But it can definitely be said that EA are always willing to test their games on many platforms, as we've seen with the rise of their mobile (iOS and Android) game called Madden Mobile.

Most likely, EA will first see how successful their sales for NBA 2K18 and FIFA are on the Switch before we see Madden featured as well. With it's current hype though, it's more than likely to be a success and it'll be interesting none-the-less to see how long it takes for us to see a Madden game featured on it! Besides, who wouldn't love the idea of being able to play Madden on the go, with the option of some Nintendo classics just for fun?

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