What is Madden Ultimate Team?

Madden Ultimate Team gives sports gamers a fun way to try new features in sports video gaming. The game mode gives a great deal of freedom to players to establish their own team. With Madden Ultimate Team, you are able to build your own winning team and lineup. You do this by choosing your lineup, trading with others, using in-game currency known as MUT Coins, and getting new players. You can play Madden Ultimate Team in solo challenges, collections or in a mode that allows for multiplayer head-to-head gaming where you can play other gamers you know. If you haven’t played Madden Ultimate Team, or MUT, before, there are a few things you’ll want to know before getting started.

First, you should be well aware of the terminology used in MUT. To start, there is the MUT Store where you can buy packs. The Madden Ultimate Team game mode is technically free but many gamers choose to buy packs from EA sports or MUT coins from other distributors. The packs sold by EA sports tend to be more expensive than other options for purchasing. You can buy cheap MUT coins elsewhere. But, the store is where you can really build your team. Building your team leads to an established lineup, which is the team you’ve built to play the game. The trade block is where you can trade collectibles or other items with other MUT players. Again, this allows you to have control over the team your building. Similar to the trade block, there is the auction block where you can buy and sell different items including stadiums, coaches, and player items. If you stock up on those items, you’ll store them in your reserve which is home to all of your extra items that you may need in the future. Lastly, by putting together different groupings of items or players, you can earn better players or newer packs. One of the features many gamers like most about Madden Ultimate team game mode is that they have freedom over establishing and enhancing their lineup, giving them the best chance in head-to-head gaming.

In MUT, Chemistry is a system of boosts that gives specific characteristics to all of the players on your team. Madden Ultimate Team uses this chemistry as an important part of the game. There are a total of 8 different chemistries you can master in Madden Ultimate Team. If you join players with similar chemistries you can get boosts to their similar attributes. To get started with Madden Ultimate Team, you are given one choice of Team Captain to help build your team. Each of these team captains has a specific chemistry so you want to choose wisely. You pick your captain and then you are given a starter pack to help you build the rest of your team around that captain. This is when you really start to build your roster, or lineup and you want to be careful about how you do so. The lineup can be started in one of two ways. The first option is just you choosing specific players for their specific positions. The second option is to choose the function labeled “Best Lineup”. This will give you your first starting lineup and bring you to play your first solo challenge.

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There are continuous upgrades in features in MUT. With this latest year, the biggest addition was the introduction of the new Seasons mode. It was used as the primary competitive mode within Madden Ultimate Team this year and will be used going forward. There have been other additions as well such as Football Outsiders, Road to the Playoffs and Ultimate Feast. These additions just helped to add some dimension to the more traditional pack collections and openings.

Other new features that have come out of Madden Ultimate Team include the MUT Draft which was just held this year and was very successful. There are content additions as well as promotions that occur throughout the year which helps make the football season last longer for gamers. While Madden Ultimate Team is free to play, most gamers choose to buy MUT coins to build up their lineups and enhance their play. You can buy Madden mobile coins online and you can also sell Madden coins.

If you are a football fan, Madden Ultimate Team gives you the ability to build a powerhouse team and play a lineup that you’ve creatively built yourself. The game mode combines the most interested features of Madden gaming with the most exciting aspects of football play, making MUT a popular gaming mode for most Madden enthusiasts. It takes the most interesting aspects of Fantasy Football and brings them to gaming. Keep your football season going all year long by playing Madden Ultimate Team and by purchasing Madden Coins.

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