What is Madden Mobile NFL Draft?

If you are a Madden gamer, you know the overall importance of the Madden Mobile NFL Draft. If you are a Madden gamer, you are mostly likely a football fan in general and you also recognize the important of the real-life NFL draft. Your ability to draft solid players and build a dominant team can often rest with the Madden Mobile Draft. When the draft takes place, gamers are able to play right along with the MUT draft, as the Top 10 picks are put into the game as soon as they are drafted.

There are a couple of Rookie Live Events in the draft. The Top 10 picks are welcomed the actual night that the draft takes plate. Immediately following when a player is selected, there is a corresponding Live Event available with that player. That gives you your very first opportunity to play as that pick. You can also complete sets to earn rookies or you might be able to score them in certain special packs. Once the Top 10 players are released, the rest of the first round is made available some time following the actual draft event.

There are some features that take place during the draft itself that are pretty interesting. During the actual draft, gamers have the opportunity to collect what is called closed envelopes. You get these from Packs and Live Events. These envelopes can be used in trades to get podiums and those podiums can, in turn, be traded in for open envelopes. Those open envelopes correspond with a Top 10 Pick. A quick note about these envelopes that seems worth noting is that closed envelopes cannot be put up for auction while the open envelopes can. The open envelopes are those that actually correspond with one of the picks.

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For points of reference, it might be helpful to understand how the real-life NFL draft takes place. The worst team gets the first pick overall and the Superbowl Champion gets the 32nd pick. That order repeats for 6 rounds of the draft. Each team has 10 minutes to make their first-round picks and then seven minutes to make their second round picks. In every round after that, they have five minutes to make their picks. Teams can and often do trade their current picks, players, or future picks. Once the draft is completed, undrafted players continue to try to hook up with teams to make it onto a roster. There is always a good deal of chatter about how the draft unfolds. Some critics find the draft to be unfair in how it doles out round picks and typically the really good teams still stay really good while the very bad teams stay bad. There never seems to be much movement in terms of how good a team is following their draft choices.

If you want to build your team or see who is released as a rookie in the Top 10, you should make sure that you are always a part of the MUT drafts that take place. This helps you build the best possible team, which makes you a more dominant force when it comes to Madden Ultimate Team challenges and head-to-head matchups. Without the draft and building a solid roster, you can’t build Mobile Madden coins and you can’t be expected to have a strong overall team. If you want to secure yourself wins in MUT, you have to build the best team you can and one way to do that is through the Madden Mobile NFL Draft. Be on the lookout for when these drafts take place so that you can be ready for what they have to offer.

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