Madden NFL 17 Title Update 10

Valentine's Day. A day for showing your love for someone, dining out, going to the cinema... and playing Madden 17 with the newest updates.

The NFL season may well be over, but EA Sports' recently released patch for Madden 17 came with a few bug fixes and game play improvements that seem pretty handy! Definitely intentional to keep Madden players like ourselves interested in the game.

Included in this patch are:

  • - Fixes to RAC catches (to lower the risk of drops);
  • - QB's should now be able to match tackles after interceptions;
  • - Some user drop down banners have been removed - to stop them from being as distracting in-game;
  • - Fixes to freezing issues when players come out of blocking interactions; and
  • - The chances of the game crashing for a user when the other disconnects or concedes should be lowered.

Basically, this patch is huge. You can take a look at the full list of patch notes, written by EA themselves, by clicking here. And, with even more reasons to play Madden, don't forget you can get coins for all consoles at the best prices right here!

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