How To Complete Madden 15 Objectives

Within Madden 15 Ultimate Team are 5 objectives for you to complete in order to earn 500 Free MUT Coins, various collectible and a Bronze Badge which can be used within your MUT Sets to earn additional superstar players. These objectives are seen as a slight tutorial to the basics of Madden Ultimate Team (MUT).

The 5 'Getting Started' Objectives:

1. Choose Uniform - The first two objectives should be completed upon loading Madden Ultimate Team for the first time. It should ask you which is your favourite kits/uniforms are and once selected they should be automatically activated as your home/away uniforms. If you managed to skip your uniform select, simply go to the auction house, change the 'type' filter to 'uniform' and search. Simply buy the cheapest uniform available and equip it.

2. Choose Team Style - Once again, when you first create your MUT club you should have chosen your first team style. However if you haven't or you simply want to change how your team plays then go to the 'Team' tab within MUT, go to 'adjust lineup' and once your team loads press the triangle/Y button on your pad and select the change team style option. You should be able to change your team style here and once your team's overall rating is above 85 you should unlock a second team style option.

3. Open Welcome Pack - Within the objectives hub you should be able to press X (on PlayStation) or A (on Xbox) and it should open your welcome pack automatically. This will cost you 50 MUT Coins but will reward you will players worth over 1k Madden Coins. Easy!

4. Use Best Lineup - Again access your objectives hub and select challenge number 4. It should open your team lineup screen. Within this screen you need to select the 'lineup tools' option by pressing triangle/Y on your control pad. A new window should appear and you should select the 'generate best lineup' option. Just select either 'best team overall' or 'best short pass' option and this challenge will be complete.

5. Play A Solo Challenge - Last but not least the solo challenge. Make your way to the objectives hub again and click on the last challenge. From the new window select any of the challenges on offer and play one. You don't need to win the challenge, just participate in it and you will complete your last challenge!

Once you've finished all the 5 challenges above you will find your free Madden Coins in your new items pile which is accessible by pressing the right analogue stick in.


The 5 'Ultimate' Objectives:

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