Guide to Buying the Best Madden Ultimate Team Players

If you are a Madden gamer, you know just how important having top players on your team is to your success in the game. If you want the best chance at beating other gamers in head-to-head competition and building up your best roster, you need to secure top highly performers players in each position. Your team is what helps you progress in the game and in order to build the best team, you need the best players and you need to build on existing chemistry. There are a few different ways to acquire those best MUT players.

Your first option when acquiring top Madden Ultimate team players is to make deals in the Madden auction house. The first step here is to make sure you know the market and what players are worth, as well as what you are prepared to spend on them. Once you have a sizable bank account to make purchases, you can wait for the player you want to be put up by another gamer. Then, you just make your move. You should avoid the buy it now option unless you really are comfortable spending the asking price right up front. If you have your eye on a specific MUT player and it goes up on auction, you should grad it quickly so you don’t lose the opportunity. Some of the best MUT players will require you to save up for a while but with a little bit of work flipping other players, you should be able to build a respectable bank account pretty quickly.

The second option for collecting top MUT players will take a bit longer than the auction house option but is also perhaps more reliable. You can complete MUT solo challenges and item sets. You start by finishing the solo challenges that are kicked off with the Opening Games and then you’ll move toward unlocking a lot of other challenges to complete to help you win items like packs, badges, and coins. The badges you could win can be used to complete sets and those sets can ultimately help you earn top MUT players.

The third and final option for scoring top MUT players is through opening packs. This is probably the most unreliable way to earn top players out of the three options highlighted here but that is strictly because it relies on luck for the most part. The packs that you earn from finishing solo challenges are free to you once you finish challenges so you can open them without worrying about much. You just hope that you get good players. The ones that you get in the marketplace can be a bit riskier than the free ones though so you have to be a bit more careful with those. That is because when you buy a pack, you can’t be sure what you will receive so if you are spending money or Mobile Madden coins on packs, you run the risk of not getting what you were hoping from that pack.

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