Can You Really Hack The Game For Free Madden Coins?

There are a lot of websites out there that claim you can somehow hack Madden in order to gain coins/cash. Now this is probably linked to former glitches in the game, where you could get things like unlimited MUT Cash/Coins. These were patched by EA Sports years ago though now. Here's the thing - if it seems too good to be true, it's probably not real.

A lot will ask you to fill in a "survey" full of personal details, this should be a red flag in itself. The idea behind these scams for free MUT Coins is that you give them these details and they can either use it to steal your information or worse, your money.

Let's take a look at the facts - they'll ask for your User ID to the game. But that's okay, because they're not asking for your password, right? Wrong. If your password is simply letters and numbers then you have a password which a hacker can work out in under an hour with the right equipment. If you've given your email address you're even more at risk - online banking linked to it? Password same as used for Madden Mobile?

It's easy enough to think "why not", but when you really think about it - is trying to get free Madden Coins really worth the risk?

As a heads up too, never ever give your login details for any game whatsoever. This leaves you open to so many problems. For one, giving access to your account means they could actually take your MUT coins from you. Along with the other potential risks listed above this all leaves you very vulnerable, and even more annoying is that you could end up with your best players being stolen from you, that's no way to get the best Madden Ultimate Team.

It isn't all bad news though, we are a legitimate company and do not ask for your login details. You're protected in the sense you can ask for a refund before delivery of coins. Anymore queries? You can talk to us via Live Chat or email at any point. We may not be able to offer "free" MUT Coins, but we can give you the best service and the most agreeable prices. Head to and place your order now, safe in the knowledge that the transaction will be secure and you will gain your Madden Coins swiftly!

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