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  • Can You Really Hack The Game For Free Madden Coins?

    There are a lot of websites out there that claim you can somehow hack Madden in order to gain coins/cash. Now this is probably linked to former glitches in the game, where you could get things like unlimited MUT Cash/Coins. These were patched by EA Sports years ago though now. Here's the thing - if it seems too good to be true, it's probably not real.

    A lot will ask you to fill in a "survey" full of personal details, this should be a red flag in itself. The idea behind these scams for free MUT Coins is that you give them these details and they can either use it to steal your information or worse, your money.

    Let's take a look at the facts - they'll ask for your User ID to the game. But that's okay, because they're not asking for your password, right? Wrong. If your password is simply letters and numbers then you have a password which a hacker can work out in under an hour with the right equipment. If you've given your email address you're even more at risk - online banking linked to it? Password same as used for Madden Mobile?

    It's easy enough to think "why not", but when you really think about it - is trying to get free Madden Coins really worth the risk?

    As a heads up too, never ever give your login details for any game whatsoever. This leaves you open to so many problems. For one, giving access to your account means they could actually take your MUT coins from you. Along with the other potential risks listed above this all leaves you very vulnerable, and even more annoying is that you could end up with your best players being stolen from you, that's no way to get the best Madden Ultimate Team.

    It isn't all bad news though, we are a legitimate company and do not ask for your login details. You're protected in the sense you can ask for a refund before delivery of coins. Anymore queries? You can talk to us via Live Chat or email at any point. We may not be able to offer "free" MUT Coins, but we can give you the best service and the most agreeable prices. Head to MUTCoins.com and place your order now, safe in the knowledge that the transaction will be secure and you will gain your Madden Coins swiftly!

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  • MUT Coins.com - Our Brand New Website Design!

    We've recently made an important decision, we have a lot of loyal customers and so, as a result, we wanted to re-invest in something that would make your experience of purchasing with us much easier and cheaper. Hence, you will have noticed that we've re-branded www.MUTCoins.com!

    This re-branding will of course come with many benefits to you, our faithful customers, including:

    Flexible Buying of MUT Coins

    First, we're adding an awesome coin slider facility when it comes to selecting your quantity of MUT coins. A major benefit of this is that it provides you with greater flexibility in choosing the exact amount of Madden Coins you want to purchase! Furthermore, it will also tell you how many Madden Ultimate Team coins you will receive after EA's taxes.

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    Tiered Pricing Structure

    It goes without saying - we wouldn't be giving you the best value for Madden 19 Coins without a tiered pricing structure. As you can see in the above image, that's exactly what we're providing. Essentially, the more you buy, the cheaper the cost per coin is! Meaning that those rarer Elite or Legendary NFL Players that you've always wanted, but cost the earth to buy, will now be cheaper to buy with real-life money!

    User Friendly Buying Process

    We appreciate that if you're new to buying MUT Coins, it can be a challenge at first to work out how to actually buy your Madden coins! So now, on each page of the buying process, there are user-friendly instructions that will guide you through the stages and if that's not enough, we have a 24/7 live chat support team that are more than happy to help if you're stuck. No more confusion or doubt on how to receive your MUT Coins!

    Multiple Payment Options

    We've been working hard to make sure that you have more choice when it comes to how to pay for your cheap MUT Coins. Hence, we now allow payments through both PayPal and Skrill! Both of these are extremely secure payment gateways and offer you maximum buyer protection. In addition to this, our PCI Compliant website never stores any card payment details and all our checkout pages are SSL secured. But more on that later.

    Around The Clock Customer Support

    We were already renowned for our high-level customer support but we have now stepped up our game once more! We have now implemented a 24/7 human live chat support team that can be access via the widget in the bottom right-hand corner of the website. The live chat support team can help with; understanding how to receive your MUT Coins, order updates, or any questions about the website/service in general!

    Of course, we still maintain the standard options of emailing us at Support@MUTCoins.com, using a contact form or chatting to us through one of our social media pages on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

    Greater Security

    We aren't one for slacking when it comes to technological updates for all areas of our site, so as always this new design comes with the newest highest bit-rated Comodo SSL certificate available! This in turn encrypts all data sent and received through this website, such as payment details. In laments terms, this means that your data is impossible to intercept and be readable to human or robots. So, you can safely buy with confidence when using MUTCoins.com!

    More Giveaways!

    We want to give back to you, our loyal customers more often. So, as a result, we will now be doing weekly giveaways on our social media pages for 1 Million Free Madden Coins each week!

    Follow us on: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to join in!

    Professional Feel!

    And last, but not least. In our completely, honestly, non-biased opinion... the site looks so much more professional now. We stand head and shoulders above our competition in all aspects of website usability, cost of Madden Coins, delivery speeds, customer support, security and overall general levels of service. We now have a website that truly reflects the standards of our company - Online Trade Solution LTD.

    So, what are you waiting for, try our new website today and buy cheap MUT Coins from the best MUT Coins selling website there is!

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    Feel free to hit us up on either Facebook or Twitter and let us know what you think of the new design too, we'd love to hear from you!

    In need of some MUT coins pronto? Take advantage of our new site & purchase from here!

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  • Madden NFL 17 Title Update 10

    Valentine's Day. A day for showing your love for someone, dining out, going to the cinema... and playing Madden 17 with the newest updates.

    The NFL season may well be over, but EA Sports' recently released patch for Madden 17 came with a few bug fixes and game play improvements that seem pretty handy! Definitely intentional to keep Madden players like ourselves interested in the game.

    Included in this patch are:

    • - Fixes to RAC catches (to lower the risk of drops);
    • - QB's should now be able to match tackles after interceptions;
    • - Some user drop down banners have been removed - to stop them from being as distracting in-game;
    • - Fixes to freezing issues when players come out of blocking interactions; and
    • - The chances of the game crashing for a user when the other disconnects or concedes should be lowered.

    Basically, this patch is huge. You can take a look at the full list of patch notes, written by EA themselves, by clicking here. And, with even more reasons to play Madden, don't forget you can get coins for all consoles at the best prices right here!

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