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  • Which Edition of the Madden 18 Game Should You Buy?

    There is much anticipation surrounding the release of Madden 18, slated for 25th August 2017. There are several changes to the editions of the Madden 18 game this year. With Madden 17, the special edition was the Deluxe Edition. This year, you’ll find two editions available again. They are Madden 18 and Madden 18 G.O.A.T. The G.O.A.T (greatest of all time) version is the special edition this year and its cover athlete is Tom Brady.

    There are reasons to buy the special edition this year, even if you aren’t planning on playing Ultimate Team or purchasing MUT coins. First, the special edition is actually slated for 22nd August, three full days before Madden 18 is scheduled to release. Additionally, the special edition can be played on various systems. The standard edition is only available for play on PS4 and Xbox One. So, it can’t be played on Xbox 360, Nintendo Switch, or PS3.

    There are different price points for Madden 18 and the G.O.A.T version. The standard version will cost you $59.99 while the special edition sells for $79.99. With the standard edition of the game, you get the full game as well as 5 Madden 18 Ultimate Team Squad Packs and 1 elite player from your favorite team. This isn’t necessarily the version for you if you are looking to play Madden Ultimate Team with Madden Mobile Coins. So, the pro with the standard version is that it will cost you less, the con is that there are several upgraded features available with the special edition. And with the standard edition, you have to be playing on PS4 or Xbox One.

    With the G.O.A.T. special edition, you can expect to get a good number of improved features than with the standard edition. To start, you’ll still get the full game, 1 elite player and the 5 Madden Ultimate Team squad packs but you’ll also get 7 Madden Ultimate Team squad packs in addition to that. Then you’ll get 1 elite G.O.A.T. player, 1 MUT uniform pack, and 2500 contracts. And you get to purchase 3 days before the standard edition is released. The special edition is the best option if you are looking to play Madden Ultimate Team and are interested in Madden Ultimate Team Coins.

    There are a total of 5 G.O.A.T. players that are available with the special edition. They are Jerry Rice, Barry Sanders, Deion Sanders, Ray Lewis, and of course Tom Brady. The expectation is that you’ll be able to choose your own players as opposed to having one assigned to you. Much of that is still unknown. So, the pro with the special edition is that you get several additional features, including early access, over the standard edition. The only real con to purchasing the special edition, is that it will cost you a bit more.

    Madden GOAT Edition, Madden Game, Madden 18 Cover, Tom Brady

    There are other options, aside from picking a version, to consider when making your choice. Madden 18 can be purchased digitally or on a disk and the price stays consistent with both. There are not as many deals with the digital Madden 18, primarily because vendors want you to purchase in person. In addition, if you purchase on a disk, you can trade it in later. The only big positive to purchasing digitally, is that you’d be able to move pretty seamlessly between other games you might be playing without having to change out physical disks.

    Overall, if you are a Madden Ultimate Team player, the G.O.A.T version might be the better choice. It offers more features, can be played on more platforms, and is available three days sooner. If you decide those things aren’t important to you, the standard edition might be your choice at a lower price point.

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  • NFL Draft 2017 Events On Madden Mobile

    The 2017 NFL Draft starts today and, alongside this, there are many reasons why you should be playing Madden Mobile in particular! Madden Mobile are bringing in the Class of 2017 with an awesome line up of events, including (but not limited to) putting the Top 10 Picks straight in the game in real-time as they get drafted through new Live Events, Sets and Packs.

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    The Live Events

    On the night of the Draft itself even, the Top 10 picks will be placed right in Madden Mobile. Following the selection of a player, there will be a simultaneous Live Event where you can play as that player as soon as possible!

    Rookies can also be earned through completing Sets and in special packs. Following the Top 10 NFL players, the last of the first round will be entered into the game on Friday (4/28).


    During the NFL Draft Program, Live Events and Packs will include “closed envelopes”. The way that this will work is you can then trade the closed envelopes in for podiums, which can then be traded for open envelopes which will correspond to one of the Top 10 Picks of the NFL Draft.

    It has been stated also that open envelopes will be able to be listed on the Auction Houses, but those from closed envelopes will not.

    There’ll be even more surprises in store throughout the Draft, so make sure you’re set up for an awesome night of football and entertainment on your phone too! Get that winning team for yourself.

    Need extra coins to grab your favourites from the Auction Houses? Get them here!

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  • What are MUT Coins for Madden?

    MUT Coins, also commonly known as Madden Coins, are a virtual currency used as a medium of trade within the hugely popular game called Madden 17. Specifically used within the game mode called Ultimate Team that allows users to essentially build their dream roster of footballers. However, to do that, you need MUT Coins and plenty of them!

    Madden 17 is available across most popular platforms, such as the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and mobile/tablet (iOS and Android). It is also rumoured that Madden 18 will be available on the Nintendo Switch.

    Within each of these platforms are an auction house dedicated to that platform and thus, MUT Coins cannot be transferred between these consoles.

    What Can I Spend MUT Coins on?

    There are multiple uses for MUT 17 Coins and those are:

    • - Buying the best Madden players - In order to acquire the best Madden Ultimate Team players, you will need to buy some of them through the auction house. If you don't already know, an auction house is the place where all MUT users buy, sell and trade their players for Madden coins. So for example, searching the Madden Mobile auction house for Tom Brady (99 Rated) who is arguably the best QB on the game, you can see that his going price is around 700,000-800,000 MUT Coins just for one single player!

      From this auction house window, you will be able to bid on those Tom Brady's at a lesser price, or you can end the auction instantly and own one of those cards immediately by using the 'buy now' feature. Should you choose to bid on these players, if you are the highest bidder upon the auction duration timer lapsing, then you will be the new owner of that card! The Madden 17 Coins will be transferred from your account to the sellers and in return you will get that player.Acquiring players via the auction house is the easiest, most common and most secure way of definitively owning the player(s) you want to buy.

    • - Opening MUT Packs - MUT Packs/Madden Packs can be opened by two ways; MUT Points and also MUT Coins. MUT Points are bought with real-life money directly through the consoles or mobile/tablet device. The cost per Madden point depends on how many you want to buy as EA Sports employ a tiered pricing structure. So effectively, the more you buy, the cheaper the cost-per-point is. In reflection, most MUTStore's like ourselves use the same pricing structure whereby the more money you spend, the cheaper the cost-per-coin is. If you compare the two options though, buying Madden Ultimate Team Coins and opening MUT packs with them if much more cost-effective than buying Madden Points with real-life money.

      Anyway, back to the original point... Opening MUT Packs will award you with the contents outlined when browsing the various levels of Madden packs. The contents of the Madden pack will however be completely random and you will be at the mercy of EA Sports' generosity, or lack of it. Speaking on behalf of many experienced Ultimate Team users, buying packs is inefficient as the chances of finding a rare and valuable player is slim so we advise buying Madden players directly from the auction house with your Madden 17 Ultimate Team coins.

    • - Complete MUT Sets - Completing MUT sets can be very rewarding and to do that, you'll need the right players. If you don't already have these players, then you will need to buy them from the auction house with MUT Coins. Once completed, you will be rewarded handsomely with a star player who will often be worth more than the cost it took you to buy the players originally. This is a great money making method but to start this, you will need sufficient MUT 17 Coins.

    • - Buy the best Uniforms, Play Cards, Collectibles and Managers - Alongside buying Madden players, the auction house facilitates the trade of all the consumables and items above. Having a variety of these items will give you endless opportunities to winning games, seasons and trophies so it's important that you don't spend all your MUT coins on just players!

    • - Giveaways! - Whether you're an up and coming YouTuber/Twitch user, or a well-established streamer, then doing giveaways on your channel will greatly enhance your viewing numbers and chat participation. Plus, when new viewers are watching the MUT Coins giveaway, if they like what they see, they will no doubt subscribe to your channel and increase your audience base! It's a win/win scenario for all parties and it's a fun thing to do!

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    Can I Get Free Madden Coins?

    Madden Coins don't have to be bought. However, they are painstakingly slow at being earned in-game. They can be earned from:

    • - Playing games
    • - Winning seasons/trophies
    • - Selling players via the auction house
    • - Quick-selling players
    • - Completing sets
    • - Beating solo-challenges

    Sadly, playing Madden games does not award you with enough MUT Coins per game to make that a feasible money making method alone as you only get 500-1,000 coins per completed game and considering Tom Brady above costs 700-800k, that would take you a hell of a long time to be able to afford him. Therefore, here at MUTCoins.com, we provide you with a quick and cheap shortcut to assembling your dream line-up by buying Madden 17 Coins from our MUTStore.

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    What are Madden Coins?

    So, now that you know what Madden Coins are and what they're spent on and how they're earned, it's time to get back into the game!

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  • Will Madden 17 Be Featured On The Nintendo Switch?

    2017 will most definitely be an exciting time for gamers with the upcoming Nintendo Switch due to arrive in March. Whilst it has had such a build up though, will we be seeing Madden 17 on what could be one of the newest major game consoles of our generation?

    EA Games has of course already been listed as a partner for Switch, announced way back in October 2016. But, as of yet only NBA 2K18 and FIFA have been announced officially out of the EA Sports section of games.

    Does this mean we won't be seeing Madden on the Switch then? Maybe not!

    Madden games are usually released around August. With the last having been released in August, maybe EA are worried that they've already lost too much time on the platform with the current game, and could be waiting to include it with Madden 18? This is probably one of the more likely situations also. By August the Switch will have had 5 months in circulation - hence EA will be able to get an idea of how successful it is by then. But, then again, the same can be said for them with waiting for NBA 2K18 (due to be released in September).

    If we look back, Madden NFL 13 was the last Madden game to be featured on a Nintendo console (being the Wii). On the other hand, EA hasn't released Madden on PC since Madden NFL 08. It's quite possible that this reduces the likelihood of them risking releasing it on the Switch. But it can definitely be said that EA are always willing to test their games on many platforms, as we've seen with the rise of their mobile (iOS and Android) game called Madden Mobile.

    Most likely, EA will first see how successful their sales for NBA 2K18 and FIFA are on the Switch before we see Madden featured as well. With it's current hype though, it's more than likely to be a success and it'll be interesting none-the-less to see how long it takes for us to see a Madden game featured on it! Besides, who wouldn't love the idea of being able to play Madden on the go, with the option of some Nintendo classics just for fun?

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