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  • Who are the Top 10 Madden Mobile Best Players?

    Madden has a ranking for the best players in the game by position. This ranking allows gamers to know who the best in-game players are which can help gamers decide how to build the best version of their team and subsequently win matchups. The top 10 positions, with their corresponding highest rated players, are listed below. Having any of these players on your roster can really boost your chances of winning matchups. None of these players are necessarily a surprise as they are all considered the most elite in the NFL.

    1. In the Quarterback position, which is arguably the most important position, Tom Brady ranks highest with a 99. Runner-up to the best is Aaron Rodgers who comes in with a 98 and beat out Tom Brady in last year’s ratings.

    2. Best Running Back goes to Le’Veon Bell of the Pittsburgh Steelers with a rating of 97. Second to Bell is David Johnson with a 94.

    3. Fullback goes to Kyle Juszczyk of the San Francisco 49ers with a score of 91. Runner up in the position is ties between Patrick DiMarco of the Bills and James Develin of the Patriots, both with a score of 94.

    4. Highest ranked Wide Receiver goes to Julio Jones of the Atlanta Falcons with a rating of 98. Next closest in rating for the position is Antonio Brown of the Steelers with a rating of 97.

    5. Best Tight End goes to Rob Gronkowski of the Patriots with a rating of 98. Second to Gronkowski is Travis Kelce of Kansas City with a rating of 94.

    6. The best Offensive Tackle goes to Trent Williams of the Washington Redskins. Williams has a rating of 95 followed by Tyron Smith of the Cowboys, who has a rating of 94.

    7. Best Offensive Guard is Marshal Yanda of the Baltimore Ravens with a score of 96. Runner up is Zack Martin of the Cowboys with a rating of 95.

    8. Best Center goes to Travis Frederick of the Dallas Cowboys with a rating of 93. Runner up to Frederick is Alex Mack with a rating of 91.

    9. Best Defensive End goes to Aaron Donald of the Los Angeles Rams with a rating of 99. Runner up to Donald is J.J. Watt of Houston.

    10. Best Defensive Tackle is Ndamukong Suh of the Miami Dolphins with a rating of 93. Next up in the position is tied between Geno Atkins of Cincinnati and Fletcher Cox of Philadelphia, both with a rating of 99.

    Ratings are important when choosing a lineup and it is worth noting that some players receive upgraded cards based on their real life performances over the course of the NFL season. Players who are rated the best in their position are often the most challenging to secure but almost always prove worth it, given that they are rated highest and can create difficult matchups for opponents. Getting an elite player on the roster can make all the difference when playing against competitors.

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  • How to Qualify for MUT Rewards on Madden 19?

    MUT Rewards are a benefit available from playing Madden Ultimate Team, or MUT. These rewards are particularly attractive to those players who are already used to buying packs in order to build their lineup. Through the use of MUT rewards, players can each rewards simply by opening packs in MUT. Each pack a player opens counts toward the overall MUT rewards total. There are different status levels of MUT rewards and this status level depends on how many packs the player opens. When a player becomes a MUT Reward member, they are eligible to receive Madden coins and packs in addition to random surprises that become available throughout the course of the Madden Season. This means that many players who are already buying packs are also able to access additional rewards just by virtue of buying packs.

    By signing up for MUT rewards, the player receives a loyalty badge that can be redeemed for items such as Madden Ultimate Team packs, contracts, or player items. So, every player starts out with a perk just by signing up.

    There are three status levels in MUT rewards, all of which are based again on the number of packs opened by the player. For a player to be considered a PRO, they needed to have opened a minimum of 50 packs. These could be packs of any kind. At 250 opened packs, the player becomes an ALL-PRO and at 1000 packs opened, the player reaches the LEGENDARY level.

    There are different rewards that can be expected from MUT Rewards, some of which depend upon the player’s MUT Rewards status level. Every player should know what rewards are available before deciding to sign up. Examples of previous rewards include physical tickets to actual NFL games, early release copies of future Madden versions, and multiple pieces of memorabilia. The gamers who won NFL tickets were of LEGENDARY status and also followed EA Sports on Twitter. Examples of memorabilia include Madden Ultimate Series Figures, New Era Hats, and the Wilson X Connected football.

    Many players also claim that they receive a number of random rewards throughout the year. For many, the potential to earn rewards is enough of a reason to sign up for MUT rewards. The MUT rewards service is free so for many players, earning one or two free packs every now and then makes the sign-up worth it. Instead, players are able to gain resources for their gameplay without having to pay anything for the service.

    There are now also Digital MUT rewards available outside of the United States while MUT Rewards are actually available to all players in all countries. The only rewards that are exclusive to those Madden players living in the United States are the physical rewards such as the those described above. So, any Madden players who take part in MUT Rewards from outside of the U.S., the only rewards available are the digital rewards.

    Many Madden gamers rely on packs, or at least at some point purchase and open them. That is precisely what players receive when they sign up for and participate in MUT Rewards. Players are rewarded for what they would largely do independently, meaning that there is nothing to lose by signing up. That said, players are also giving themselves the chance to win rewards and prizes. Given that it is a free service and players are likely going to open packs anyway, there is nothing to lose by signing up for MUT rewards. And if the player ever reaches legendary status, they might even find that they score a free game when it is released.

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  • What is Madden Mobile NFL Draft?

    If you are a Madden gamer, you know the overall importance of the Madden Mobile NFL Draft. If you are a Madden gamer, you are mostly likely a football fan in general and you also recognize the important of the real-life NFL draft. Your ability to draft solid players and build a dominant team can often rest with the Madden Mobile Draft. When the draft takes place, gamers are able to play right along with the MUT draft, as the Top 10 picks are put into the game as soon as they are drafted.

    There are a couple of Rookie Live Events in the draft. The Top 10 picks are welcomed the actual night that the draft takes plate. Immediately following when a player is selected, there is a corresponding Live Event available with that player. That gives you your very first opportunity to play as that pick. You can also complete sets to earn rookies or you might be able to score them in certain special packs. Once the Top 10 players are released, the rest of the first round is made available some time following the actual draft event.

    There are some features that take place during the draft itself that are pretty interesting. During the actual draft, gamers have the opportunity to collect what is called closed envelopes. You get these from Packs and Live Events. These envelopes can be used in trades to get podiums and those podiums can, in turn, be traded in for open envelopes. Those open envelopes correspond with a Top 10 Pick. A quick note about these envelopes that seems worth noting is that closed envelopes cannot be put up for auction while the open envelopes can. The open envelopes are those that actually correspond with one of the picks.

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    For points of reference, it might be helpful to understand how the real-life NFL draft takes place. The worst team gets the first pick overall and the Superbowl Champion gets the 32nd pick. That order repeats for 6 rounds of the draft. Each team has 10 minutes to make their first-round picks and then seven minutes to make their second round picks. In every round after that, they have five minutes to make their picks. Teams can and often do trade their current picks, players, or future picks. Once the draft is completed, undrafted players continue to try to hook up with teams to make it onto a roster. There is always a good deal of chatter about how the draft unfolds. Some critics find the draft to be unfair in how it doles out round picks and typically the really good teams still stay really good while the very bad teams stay bad. There never seems to be much movement in terms of how good a team is following their draft choices.

    If you want to build your team or see who is released as a rookie in the Top 10, you should make sure that you are always a part of the MUT drafts that take place. This helps you build the best possible team, which makes you a more dominant force when it comes to Madden Ultimate Team challenges and head-to-head matchups. Without the draft and building a solid roster, you can’t build Mobile Madden coins and you can’t be expected to have a strong overall team. If you want to secure yourself wins in MUT, you have to build the best team you can and one way to do that is through the Madden Mobile NFL Draft. Be on the lookout for when these drafts take place so that you can be ready for what they have to offer.

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  • Who are Madden Mobile Best Players?

    Part of the great appeal of playing Madden is being able to choose a lineup of players that would otherwise never really play together on the same team. You can ultimately choose the best players, or your favorite players, and create your ultimate roster. There are rankings for the best players in Madden mobile by position and if you can get your hands on some of these players, you’ll build an even better lineup. The top, most coveted players are listed below with their rankings. If you can secure some of these players, you’re on your way to building an unbeatable team.

    The most sought after position of course is quarterback. This position is the leader of the team and the driving force on offense. In Madden Mobile, Aaron Rodgers ranks highest, even above Ton Brady. Aaron has a rating of 96 in Madden so getting him on your team could certainly help secure some wins. In order to build your offense around Aaron, or any other quarterback, you’ve got to have players that can catch his passes. So, if you want to boost your chances even more, getting him a tight end like Rob Gronkowski wouldn’t hurt. Gronkowski is rated at 99, one of only four players in the game to have that rating.

    Gronkowski is hard to cover in the middle of the field and has a 98 rating on catches in traffic. Similarly, Julio Jones as wide receiver almost guarantees no dropped balls. His ratings are a 98 catch and a 95 catch in traffic. You could make Jones a part of a dynamic duo if you partner him with Anthonio Brown. Brown has an overall rating of 97. He has a rating of 98 in agility which is tied for best in the game. You might then think that for running back, Adrian Peterson would be the best choice, but if you want a high Madden rated running back, Le’Veon Bell has a rating of 94. This is mostly due to his ability to be a bit more versatile than Peterson, particularly when it comes to being a pass catcher.

    Rob Gronkowski, Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, Julio Jones

    You’ll need strong kickers on your team to round out special teams. Dan Bailey is the most accurate kicker in the NFL and he is the highest ranked for the position in Madden Mobile, with a ranking of 85. He has one of the strongest legs in the NFL and can hit 50-yard field goals much more reliably than many other kickers in the NFL. Lastly, if you’re looking for the best punter, it is Pat McAfee, who has a ranking of 86 overall and arguably the biggest leg in the NFL.

    There is a highest ranked player for every position in Madden Mobile but these are the most coveted and those that can get you furthest in the game. Of course, over the span of the football season, players can continue to be upgraded in their ratings based on how they are playing in their real-life season. You can always purchase Madden Mobile Coins to help you get where you want to be in the game.

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  • What is MUT Rewards for Madden?

    MUT Rewards can be a great perk of playing Madden Ultimate Team, particularly if you are already inclined to buy packs when trying to build your team. Through MUT rewards, you can earn rewards just by opening packs in Madden Ultimate Team, with each pack you open counting toward your overall MUT rewards total. There are different levels of status in MUT Rewards, depending on how many packs you do open. By being or becoming a MUT Reward member, you are eligible to receive packs and Madden coins as well as random surprises that pop up throughout the Madden Season. Many gamers state that the service gives rewards pretty frequently to gamers who are already purchasing packs anyway.

    There are three levels of status in MUT rewards based on how many packs you have opened. So, you are considered a PRO if you have opened a minimum of 50 packs of any kind. Once you have opened 250 packs, you become an All-PRO and if you open a total of 1000 packs of any kind, you will be at the LEGENDARY level. Any Madden gamer who signs up for MUT Rewards also receives a Loyalty Badge which can be redeemed for player items, contracts or packs in Madden Ultimate Team. So, there is a perk already built-in to the program just for signing up.

    It is important to know what kind of rewards you can expect from MUT Rewards to see if it is worth it for you to sign up. There have been many recent rewards given out. For example, there have been MUT Rewards players who have won actual tickets to NFL football games as a reward. These players were at the Legendary level of participation and also were following EA Sports on Twitter. There have also been MUT Rewards players who have won early release copies of Madden 17, which is something most gamers would want. Lastly, some MUT rewards members have won various pieces of memorabilia. These include New Era Hats, Madden Ultimate Team Series Figures, and the Wilson X Connected football. Many Madden gamers comment that they receive a good number of random rewards throughout the year, which makes signing up for MUT rewards worth it for them. Even if they only ever receive a free pack here or there, given that the MUT rewards service is free, there is nothing to lose by taking part in the program. Instead, you can really only gain whatever the rewards are when they come out.

    Digital MUT rewards are now also available outside of the United States. MUT Rewards are actually available to all players in all countries. The only rewards that are exclusive to those Madden players living in the United States are the physical rewards. So, any Madden players who take part in MUT Rewards from outside of the U.S. will only be eligible for the digital rewards offered.

    Many Madden gamers rely on packs, or at least at some point purchase and open them. If that is the case for you, it makes sense to at least be rewarded for opening those packs. That is precisely what you receive when your sign up for and participate in MUT Rewards. You are being rewarded for doing what you would otherwise be doing anyway. But you are also giving yourself the chance to win rewards and prizes. Given that it is a free service and you are likely opening packs already, you have nothing to lose by signing up for MUT rewards. And if you hit legendary status, you might even find that you can score a free game when it is released.

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  • When is Madden 18 Released?

    The long-awaited Madden 18 finally has a firm release date of 25th August 2017. And there is a great deal of hype around what can be expected with the release. With the promise of improved graphics, upgrades in gaming and improvements in features, there is a lot of anticipation surrounding the release.

    While the release date is always on a Tuesday in August, this year the release will be on a Friday for the Madden 18 G.O.A.T. version, a deviation from the typical Tuesday release. If you want to stick with only the standard version, you’ll have to wait for the typical Tuesday release following August 25th. The new Madden 18 has made NFL news, with several new features, upgrades, and improvements over Madden 17.

    Madden GOAT Edition, Madden Game, Madden 18 Cover, Tom Brady

    By far, the biggest upgrade from Madden 17 to Madden 18 is the switch over to the Frostbite game engine, which means specific upgrades and improvements in gaming. You can anticipate updated gameplay options as well as notably improved graphics. There is also a teaser floating around that includes the potential for a story mode. EA Sports has historically done really well with this feature in other games, so gamers are holding up hope that the feature doesn’t disappoint in Madden 18.

    Madden 18 offers a couple of different matchup opportunities, which bears a lot of similarity with EA Sports Madden Ultimate Team, for which gamers buy madden mobile coins. With Madden 18, you will be able to play with your favorite team or you can choose to play the best weekly match-ups which include the latest rosters. Official NFL stats are available as well as custom commentary.

    One of the new features with Madden 18 is that there are three choices of play styles from which you can choose. It hasn’t yet been announced what those play styles are specifically but the assumption is that they will have something to do with improving play calling by the coach. Another new feature of Madden 18 includes upgrades in passing on the field. You are now able to use target passing which means that there is a new capability to pass to any specified place or player on the field. This means there is no need to only pass to a wide open receiver. Instead, you can pass to anywhere on the field.

    The switch to Frostbite brings a great deal of anticipation when it comes to improved gaming graphics. This engine is used elsewhere and produces better field gameplay as well as off the field moments, producing more of a story line for the gamer when compared to Madden 17. The cinematic footage that has been released so far looks great but there hasn’t been any pre-release of actual gameplay of Madden 18 just yet.

    Frostbite Game Engine

    There are likely to be coaching assignments as well coverage adjustments in Madden 18, which most gamers believe to be far overdue. Coaching adjustments might mean being able to make situational changes. As always, EA is likely to continue to cultivate and invest in MUT if for no other reason than because the buying and selling of MUT coins has proven to be incredibly profitable for EA. The commitment to EA Sports Madden Ultimate Team or MUT coins selling doesn’t seem to be fading any time soon.

    Hiring for testers for Madden 18 is currently underway, with EA Sports Studio looking for testers who can check the game, along with the improved features and graphics, while also keeping a specific eye out for NFL accuracy.

    Much of the buzz around release of Madden NFL 18 revolved around the always anticipated reveal of the game cover’s athlete. There was much speculation around who would be on the cover for Madden 18 but few speculations were accurate. This year the game cover athlete is Tom Brady, arguably the greatest player of all time, who walked away from the 2017 NFL season with his fifth superbowl win. He is the most decorated and accomplished NFL quarterback of all time, often making NFL news both off and on the field. Brady, the oldest player to ever grace the cover of Madden 18, has publicly stated that he isn’t worried about the Madden curse.

    If you want to play Madden 18 earlier than the official release date, you’ll be able to via EA Access but not through your own PS4 or Xbox. And if using EA Access, you can expect to play up to five 5 days before the official release on 25th August. In addition, if Madden 18 G.O.A.T is the version purchased, game play can start three days early on PS4 or Xbox One. Madden 18 is available for gaming with Xbox 360, PS3, PS4, Xbox One, and Mobile. Madden coins, including Madden mobile coins, can be used with each gaming system.

    Madden 18 Trailer:

    Click Here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8tvT0dgyV34

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  • New England Patriots Win Super Bowl LI

    Yesterday was the eagerly awaited Super Bowl LI, and what a show it was!

    Tom Brady led the Patriots to an awesome win, but if you only heard that they managed to win 34-28 you would probably be misled into thinking that the Patriots had held the upper hand over the Atlanta Falcons throughout. Instead, right up until the last quarter or so they had been trailing 28-3.

    That didn't stop them though, and what we were left with was an awe-inspiring show of perseverance from the Patriots. Well done to both the Patriots and Falcons, for giving us such an awesome Super Bowl to watch!

    How are you celebrating the news? If you're intending to play as much Madden 17 as possible then remember you can get MUT Coins for all consoles at the best prices here!

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