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  • Guide to Gaining Free Madden Ultimate Team Coins!

    MUT gamers are justifiably always looking for new and creative ways to get their hands on free Madden coins. This is understandable given how important MUT coins is to the gaming experience. If you are a Madden gamer, you are likely trying to build the best team possible and win as many competitions as possible. All of these actions can require MUT coins in order to be successful. That said, it is not easy to find and score free MUT coins.

    There are many websites that will say you can get free MUT coins from them. However, you should always be on the lookout for these sites as they are likely scams. You can always tell a scam because the website will require you to input your log-in credentials in order to get the so-called “free” MUT coins. By inputting your log-in information, the website gains access to your account and can then go ahead and steal your most valuable assets and players.

    Many of these sites claim to get you free Madden 19 coins in three minutes and that you don’t have to do much to get the MUT coins. While the ease and quickness of this pitch can seem really attractive and appealing, it is often just too good to be tree. What is important to remember is that there really isn’t any such thing as free Madden Ultimate Team coins. MUT coins have a real-world value meaning that they can be bought and sold in the marketplace. This means they can’t actually ever be considered free, as they are worth a monetary value in real-life.

    The marketplace is the best place to buy and sell MUT coins. You are even able to buy MUT coins from online distributors and since you are paying for them, you don’t have to worry about being scammed by a scheme claiming to offer “free coins”. Because you can buy and sell coins in the marketplace, they represent real-life value and cost real money. Therefore, you really cannot access free coins online. The websites that claim to offer these free coins really just prey on the unsuspecting gamer and get the player to input log-in information to gain access to log-in credentials and hack their account. This leaves the account unprotected and susceptible to having valuables stolen.

    If you input your information into one of these untrustworthy websites, you are handing it over to the hacking website. The website can then go in and steal your most valuable players, coins, and other resources. In essence, you risk losing all of your valuables for free MUT coins which actually do not even exist. Therefore, no website can provide you with free MUT coins, or Madden coins, and there is really no way to get free coins or free stuff. You can put your account at risk by trying to gain free coins. That said, you can get coins through other means. You can purchase cheap MUT coins through reputable websites that will not put your account as risk.

    When purchasing cheap MUT coins, just make sure that you are buying from a reputable distributor and not a site that claims to offer free MUT coins. By staying diligent in using reputable providers, you aren’t only just ensuring access to cheap coins but you are protecting your account information from hackers and you aren’t risking losing your most valuable player and items.

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  • How to Get Free Madden Ultimate Team Coins!

    Madden Ultimate Team gamers are always looking for ways to score free Madden coins. Of course, if you are a Madden gamer, you want to find ways to get more MUT coins and that makes sense. You are trying to build your best team and win as many matchups as you can. You need MUT coins for that. However, it isn’t quite that easy when it comes to getting Madden Ultimate Team coins for free. You should pay attention to any website that makes the promise of free MUT coins or Madden coins. They are trying to trick you into thinking you’ll receive something from them that doesn’t exist.

    Many Madden gamers make that assumption that they can easily make use of one of the many websites online that offer free MUT coins. These websites make it look easy to steal coins from the games. They say that you can do it in three minutes and that you don’t have to do much to get the MUT coins. If you are looking for a quick and easy fix, this might sound really appealing. However, it isn’t quite as easy as they make it seem, particularly because there is no such thing as free Madden Ultimate Team coins. There are more websites on the internet making these claims than could ever be counted and they are in it for a reason. They want you to think that you can steal, glitch, duplicate or hack MUT coins. However, MUT coins have a real-world value and they can be bought in sold across the internet, meaning that they wouldn't just be given away for free.

    You can use the internet to buy MUT coins and you can use it to sell MUT coins. You can even buy MUT coins from online distributors like www.MUTCoins.com. This means that the coins have a real-life value and cost real money. They aren’t something that you can just generate with a program and then sell the coins on. The reason why these websites claim to do this is that in exchange for the promise of free MUT coins, gamers have to enter their log-information under the guise that doing so will allow them to collect their free coins. This lures unsuspecting gamers into inputting their log-in credentials into the hacking website. By doing this, gamers are leaving their personal gaming information unprotected.

    By inputting your information, you are essentially handing it over to the hacking website who can then go in and steal your most valuable players, MUT coins, and other resources. So you run the risk of losing what you already have in your game for the promise of free MUT coins, which don’t actually exist. Don’t get caught in this trap. It seems like you are getting MUT coins for free and finding a quick fix to getting coins, but you aren’t. You are giving away access to your personal log-in credentials to scammers.

    The best conclusion to be drawn from this that no website can provide you with free Madden coins, free MUT coins, or any other way to cheat Madden Ultimate Team into giving you free stuff. You must play through the game and earn your way. If you are looking for cheap Madden coins, you can purchase cheap MUT coins through reputable websites, but you cannot get them for free.

    There are ways to buy cheap Madden Ultimate Team Coins online. Just make sure you are doing so from a reputable distributor and not from a site that is pretending to have free MUT coins available. Buy cheap MUT coins instead of looking for free ones that don’t actually exist. And in the meantime, protect your log-in information with this guide from EA Sports.

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  • How To Complete Madden 15 Objectives

    Within Madden 15 Ultimate Team are 5 objectives for you to complete in order to earn 500 Free MUT Coins, various collectible and a Bronze Badge which can be used within your MUT Sets to earn additional superstar players. These objectives are seen as a slight tutorial to the basics of Madden Ultimate Team (MUT).

    The 5 'Getting Started' Objectives:

    1. Choose Uniform - The first two objectives should be completed upon loading Madden Ultimate Team for the first time. It should ask you which is your favourite kits/uniforms are and once selected they should be automatically activated as your home/away uniforms. If you managed to skip your uniform select, simply go to the auction house, change the 'type' filter to 'uniform' and search. Simply buy the cheapest uniform available and equip it.

    2. Choose Team Style - Once again, when you first create your MUT club you should have chosen your first team style. However if you haven't or you simply want to change how your team plays then go to the 'Team' tab within MUT, go to 'adjust lineup' and once your team loads press the triangle/Y button on your pad and select the change team style option. You should be able to change your team style here and once your team's overall rating is above 85 you should unlock a second team style option.

    3. Open Welcome Pack - Within the objectives hub you should be able to press X (on PlayStation) or A (on Xbox) and it should open your welcome pack automatically. This will cost you 50 MUT Coins but will reward you will players worth over 1k Madden Coins. Easy!

    4. Use Best Lineup - Again access your objectives hub and select challenge number 4. It should open your team lineup screen. Within this screen you need to select the 'lineup tools' option by pressing triangle/Y on your control pad. A new window should appear and you should select the 'generate best lineup' option. Just select either 'best team overall' or 'best short pass' option and this challenge will be complete.

    5. Play A Solo Challenge - Last but not least the solo challenge. Make your way to the objectives hub again and click on the last challenge. From the new window select any of the challenges on offer and play one. You don't need to win the challenge, just participate in it and you will complete your last challenge!

    Once you've finished all the 5 challenges above you will find your free Madden Coins in your new items pile which is accessible by pressing the right analogue stick in.


    The 5 'Ultimate' Objectives:

    Coming soon!

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