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  • Will EA Ban me for Buying Madden Coins?

    MUT, or Madden Ultimate Team, is incredible popular with sports gamers. It is one of the most popular sports games on the market and each time a newer version of the game is released, it is met with a great deal of anticipation and intrigue. If you play MUT, you know that MUT coins and points are an integral part of being successful.

    Even though it isn’t mandated that you purchase coins or points, having them can help determine your success in the game. Buying them, as opposed to earning them, can mean that you get them a lot quicker than grinding through the game. If you want to build your strongest roster and win as many head-to-head challenges as possible, MUT coins and MUT points will help you get there. So, if you know that you need them to be successful, now you need to know where to purchase them.

    EA Sports has spent a lot of time saying that you cannot buy Madden coins from another distributor. In other words, EA Sports has said that if you choose to buy coins somewhere, instead of with them directly through the form of points, you could be banned from the game. This has produced a good amount of fear in gamers who do not want to run the risk of being banned. It is important to understand the validity of this claim of being banned.

    Despite the fact that EA Sports has made this same claim a number of times with a number of different games, it always seems to prove false. There is never any gamer who actually gets banned from the game for buying Madden coins elsewhere. Of course it makes sense why EA Sports would want you to purchase points through them instead of from another distributor or channel. However, that being said, it would be impossible for them to monitor every transaction within the game and clearly identify and prove that someone has bought Madden 19 coins online. There are theoretically millions of these transactions that would be taking place on the internet and there doesn’t seem to be a mechanism for EA Sports to monitor every one of them. So, it seems that EA Sports is using the threat of being banned as way to deter players from ever considering purchasing their MUT coins elsewhere. It seems to be an empty threat. This threat relates back to the idea that it is much cheaper to buy Madden coins online from a distributor than it is to purchase points in MUT through Xbox Points or PSN credit. So, every time a player buys coins from a distributor, EA Sports is losing money while the player is saving money. So, of course EA Sports would prefer that players only ever buy Madden points from them directly.

    EA Sports has apparently showcased and marketed a new warning system for those who are selling and buying Madden Ultimate Team coins online. The system includes several warnings before a person would actually be banned. This means that even if EA Sports were monitor these transactions, you would capitalize on having multiple strikes before you were ever actually be banned. It is yet to be seen that EA Sports is even warning players, nevermind moving forward with actually banning anyone. This newer system is actually a good deal more lenient than what EA Sports has proposed in the past. In the past, EA Sports claimed that they would simply ban players while this system allows for warnings if the player is verified as having purchased coins. That said, there is no real proof that this new system is even being used or followed.

    If you are looking to purchase cheap Madden coins, you can do so online much cheaper than you can through EA sports. There is no proof that EA Sports is actually banning anyone from making such purchases, or even has the mechanism to do so. This means that you could save yourself some money by purchasing from a reputable distributor as opposed to EA Sports directly, which would cost significantly more money and it if you don't pack any valuable players, then your investment in points could prove fruitless.

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  • Best Website to Buy Cheap Madden 19 Coins?

    It makes sense that Madden players would be looking for the least expensive site from which to purchase their Madden Mobile Coins. This makes sense given that in order to be successful in the game you need the coins but also don’t want to spend a small fortune purchasing them. You need the best items and best players in order to build a successful roster. And you need your strongest roster possible in order to win head-to-head challenges. Knowing that you need the coins to be successful is only the first step. Then, you have to know the best place to buy them.

    MutCoins.com is by far the best resource for buying Madden Mobile Coins. A tiered structure is used which means that the more Madden Mobile coins you buy, the less you are paying per coin. This saves real money while also allowing you to amass a good number of coins. It also means that you can buy very expensive players for less money per coin because you are buying more coins.

    In addition to the tiered structure there is also a flexible buying structure when purchasing from MutCoins.com. You are given a high level of flexibility when determining how many coins you want so that you can get the exact amount you want and need. This structure also allows you to see how many MUT coins you will actually receive once you pay EA’s taxes. So, you are left with a reliable picture of exactly what you are buying and exactly how many Madden Coins you’ll be left with once you pay the required taxes.

    The actual process of purchasing Madden Coins is a very simple process at MutCoins.com. The interface used is very user-friendly. That user-friendly system along with the tiered structure and flexible buying make for a simple process for purchasing. There are also clear guidelines and instructions on every page to help you along the way to your purchase. If you still have questions during your purchase, the site offers a live chat 24/7 which allows you to ask any questions you might have about the process or the act of purchasing.

    You can feel safe making your purchase with MutCoins.com since no card information is ever stored and the website is PCI compliant. There is also the option to make purchases through Skrill or PayPal as well, which can make purchasing even more flexible and convenient. You are always able to choose whichever payment method you personally prefer. You can also feel safe purchasing your Madden Mobile Coins here as well given that MUTCoins.com has a zero-ban rate. Purchase without the fear of being banned. So, you can rest assured that your payment information is secure as well as your gaming privileges.

    Not to be overlooked, MutCoins.com also offers a level of professionalism that you aren’t likely to encounter with another site. The website is flexible as well as easy and safe to use. It also offers help 24/7 when making purchases and offers a reliable zero-ban rate so you never have to fear being banned by EA Sports. The website is updated and professional and it shows when you compare it to other sites that attempt to offer a similar service. Improvements have been made for each step of the purchasing process including website upgrades, delivery speeds, the actual cost of Madden coins, security, customer service, and online chat support. MutCoins.com is simply better than the competition and offers a much better, more flexible and professional purchasing experience.

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  • How does Madden Ultimate Team Work?

    Madden Ultimate Team allows for a new way for gamers to play around with new features available only in sports video gaming. Madden Ultimate Team’s game mode provides a level of flexibility to gamers in that they have the freedom to make and build their own team. This includes players and the full lineup. The gamer can pick their own lineup and can then trade with other player or get new players. Gamers can also use in-game currency and participate in challenges. Those challenges may be head-to head or they could be solo challenges to help increase ability and competency. There are several things new gamers should know about Madden Ultimate Team, also known as MUT, before starting to play.

    There is a specific terminology used in MUT that all new players should spend time understanding in order to play their best game. The MUT store is where gamers can purchase packs. That said, the game mode itself is technically free but many players choose to buy packs from EA sports to purchase MUT coins from other outside distributors. The packs sold by EA sports are typically more expensive which is why many gamers buy from other distributors since MUT coins can be bought elsewhere for less money. Gamers need to use the store in order to build a solid team. This is really the best, if not the only, way to build a solid lineup to help build the best team possible. Gamers can also choose to trade items or collectibles with other players through accessing the trade block. The auction block is another term to understand, as it represents where players can buy and sell different items. These items can be virtually anything needed in the game including player items, stadiums, and coaches. If the gamer finds that they have too many of one item, it can be stored in the reserve where all extra items can be held. The feature of the game most appreciated by players is often how flexible it is for players to build their own team, as the player is free to build their own lineup and then do what they can to enhance that lineup to help better their changes at doing well in head-to-head play.

    Chemistry is a term MUT gamers should understand. It refers to a series of boosts that give a specific set of characteristics to all of the players on the team. Chemistry can end up playing a very influential part in building a solid team, as there are a total of 8 chemistries that can be mastered in MUT. By combining players with similar chemistries, the gamer gets boosts to their similar attributes.

    To start the game, the player is given a choice for Team Captain, which will help build the rest of the team. Every team captain from which the player can choose has a chemistry associated with them. The player picks the captain and is then given a starter pack to help the player start building their team. The player can choose one of two ways to start their lineup. The first way is by choosing specific players for specific position. The second way is to just select the “Best Lineup” function which builds a starting lineup and brings the gamer to a solo challenge.
    There are always new updates and features to MUT. For example, there is now a Seasons mode which is used as a competitive mode in the game. Other additions include Road to the Playoffs, Football Outsiders, and Ultimate Feast. Every addition brings a new feature to the game but most of them serve to provide an enhancement to existing pack collections or game modes.

    One of the larger and most popular new features of the game was the MUT Draft which proved very successful and well-liked by MUT players. In addition, there are also periodic additions to content. These additions, as well as periodic promotions, allow players to extend the football season.

    Overall, the mode of Madden Ultimate Team is free to play. That said, most gamers choose to buy MUT coins in order to stay competitive with other gamers and ensure that they are able to build the strongest, best lineup possible. You can buy Madden mobile coins online and you can also sell Madden coins. Buying from a website like ours will save money while also allowing for building a strong team that will be competitive with other gamers.

    The MUT game mode is the ultimate game for any video gamer who enjoys football and wants the freedom to build their own team. Building an independent team helps foster flexibility as well as freedom and creativity. Because of this and other reasons, MUT has become a popular gaming mode for players who are existing Madden players. The mode combines the best features of Fantasy Football with the flexibility of video gaming.

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  • How to Qualify for MUT Rewards on Madden 19?

    MUT Rewards are a benefit available from playing Madden Ultimate Team, or MUT. These rewards are particularly attractive to those players who are already used to buying packs in order to build their lineup. Through the use of MUT rewards, players can each rewards simply by opening packs in MUT. Each pack a player opens counts toward the overall MUT rewards total. There are different status levels of MUT rewards and this status level depends on how many packs the player opens. When a player becomes a MUT Reward member, they are eligible to receive Madden coins and packs in addition to random surprises that become available throughout the course of the Madden Season. This means that many players who are already buying packs are also able to access additional rewards just by virtue of buying packs.

    By signing up for MUT rewards, the player receives a loyalty badge that can be redeemed for items such as Madden Ultimate Team packs, contracts, or player items. So, every player starts out with a perk just by signing up.

    There are three status levels in MUT rewards, all of which are based again on the number of packs opened by the player. For a player to be considered a PRO, they needed to have opened a minimum of 50 packs. These could be packs of any kind. At 250 opened packs, the player becomes an ALL-PRO and at 1000 packs opened, the player reaches the LEGENDARY level.

    There are different rewards that can be expected from MUT Rewards, some of which depend upon the player’s MUT Rewards status level. Every player should know what rewards are available before deciding to sign up. Examples of previous rewards include physical tickets to actual NFL games, early release copies of future Madden versions, and multiple pieces of memorabilia. The gamers who won NFL tickets were of LEGENDARY status and also followed EA Sports on Twitter. Examples of memorabilia include Madden Ultimate Series Figures, New Era Hats, and the Wilson X Connected football.

    Many players also claim that they receive a number of random rewards throughout the year. For many, the potential to earn rewards is enough of a reason to sign up for MUT rewards. The MUT rewards service is free so for many players, earning one or two free packs every now and then makes the sign-up worth it. Instead, players are able to gain resources for their gameplay without having to pay anything for the service.

    There are now also Digital MUT rewards available outside of the United States while MUT Rewards are actually available to all players in all countries. The only rewards that are exclusive to those Madden players living in the United States are the physical rewards such as the those described above. So, any Madden players who take part in MUT Rewards from outside of the U.S., the only rewards available are the digital rewards.

    Many Madden gamers rely on packs, or at least at some point purchase and open them. That is precisely what players receive when they sign up for and participate in MUT Rewards. Players are rewarded for what they would largely do independently, meaning that there is nothing to lose by signing up. That said, players are also giving themselves the chance to win rewards and prizes. Given that it is a free service and players are likely going to open packs anyway, there is nothing to lose by signing up for MUT rewards. And if the player ever reaches legendary status, they might even find that they score a free game when it is released.

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  • What is Ghosting in Madden Ultimate Team?

    Ghosting in Madden Ultimate Team is where EA Sports have applied a hidden limitation on your auction house searches. It in effect does not allow you to find players deemed more valuable than what EA considers that player's average price to be. For example, David Arkin's average price is around 100-500 MUT Coins. If your account has been ghosted (a phrase coined by the Madden community), then you will not be able to see any David Arkin's worth much more than the aforementioned value.

    How Do I Find Out Whether I Have Been Ghosted?

    The easiest way to find out whether you've been ghosted is to search for a really popular bronze player that is frequently listed for above average value, such as David Arkin, Zach Line, Reggie Bush, or Mike Adams.

    If you can find these players listed for anything above 30k or so, you aren't ghosted. However, if you cannot see any player over the value of 30k, then search for the same player on the MUT Head player database, refresh the market on their website and see whether there's any of these players listed for above 30k. If there are and you cannot see them on your Xbox or PlayStation console, then you can confirm that your account has been ghosted by EA.

    My Account Has Been Ghosted, What Do I Do?

    If your account has been ghosted, then there's not much you can do in terms of removing this limitation. EA Sports will deny any knowledge of this being a thing.

    If you have Madden Coins on your account that you wish to sell, then you'll be happy to hear that there is a solution.

    On your Xbox or PlayStation console that has your ghosted account on it, you will need to create a new Xbox or PlayStation profile and create a Madden Ultimate Team with it.

    Once you have accomplished this, you will need to quick sell some of the original items that you're given in order to buy any player from the auction house. After you have purchased a player, list it with a buy now price of however many MUT Coins you're intending to trade over from your ghosted account.

    Next, log into your ghosted account and search the auction house for your listed player. For some reason, even though you're ghosted, you will still be able to find this player and be able to purchase him. So go ahead and do so!

    After you have purchased the player, hop back onto your newly created un-ghosted account and sell the Madden Ultimate Team Coins from there.

    We are unsure yet as to whether the ghosting is removed on the next year's edition of Madden Ultimate Team. However, we believe it will be as the game starts afresh.

    TIP: To avoid your account from being ghosted whilst you sell MUT Coins, stay logged into this account and do not leave Ultimate Team, or switch off your console. The ghost ban can only come into effect when you connect to the Ultimate Team servers.

    Note: You can only create 5 EA Sports accounts per console. Once you try to create the sixth by creating an Ultimate Team (no matter what EA Sports game e.g. FIFA Ultimate Team), it will say you cannot connect to their servers.

    How Did I Get My Account Ghosted?

    If EA Sports consider your auction house trading activity to be suspicious in terms of MUT 19 Coins selling, then they will have no qualms in applying a ghost ban to your account.

    If you think about it, it's a very smart way of penalising suspected Madden Coins sellers, because if you're a real and genuine player who has accidentally bought a player for above their average price and has gotten ghost banned, then they wouldn't ever know. This is because they simply wouldn't see any players on the auction house that are listed above their average value, they would think this is just normal. It might only be when they come to sell their Madden coins, or they try to help a friend out by sending them some Madden 19 Coins that they come to realise that they cannot find any above average priced players.

    How Do I Avoid Being Ghosted?

    There really isn't a way to avoid becoming ghosted. People like to think that buying elite cards is a way around it, but in reality, if EA's bot that applies these shadow ghost bans recognises your account is making multiple transactions that are still above average value, it will ghost ban your account immediately. It's completely random.

    However, as I have previously mentioned in the tip above, if you do not turn off your console and do not exit the Ultimate Team game mode, then you can sell the remainder of your Madden Coins before the ban can be applied to your account. This is a good strategy for those selling millions of MUTCoins.

    History of EA Sports Account Ghosting

    Ghosting was first noticed at the launch of Madden 17 Ultimate Team but it was removed about a month into the launch. It was never to be seen again as other penalties were applied to those selling Madden Coins such as their console being banned from accessing the auction house. However, at the launch of Madden 19, it was apparent from the start that ghosting had returned as as I write this article on the 23rd January 2018, it is still in full effect.

    I Want To Sell Madden Coins!

    Then please visit our Sell Madden Coins page, select which console your MUT Coins belong to and we'll provide a quote on how much we can offer for them.

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  • Can I Transfer my Madden Coins Between Consoles?

    If you are planning on changing your game console but you are an avid Madden gamer, you may want to learn about what options are available to you in transferring your MUT coins before you take the plunge and buy a new console. In years past, as gamers were upgrading their consoles, it was possible to make a one-time coin transfer from an older gaming console to a new one. It was kind of a way of grandfathering in gamers who were upgrading their consoles. This type of upgrade was available if you were moving from an Xbox 360 to say an Xbox One or if you were going from a PS3 to a PS4. So it needed to be the same platform but it was allowable to make a one-time transfer. Things are a bit different now and you should know about the changes before making a purchase if the ability to transfer your Madden coins is important to you.

    In general, you cannot transfer your Madden 19 coins to another console. Again, EA has thought through if you were simply upgrading your console from an older platform to a newer one. That you can do one time. However, you cannot make a transfer between different consoles. So for example, you cannot make a Madden Coins transfer from a PS4 to an Xbox One. This is due to the fact that each console has a unique auction house. So, Madden coins and any other items cannot be transferred between them. Each platform has a unique auction house exclusive to only itself. EA Sports does not have any solution to this issue and it doesn’t seem that there is a simple resolution.

    PS3, PS4, Xbox, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4

    If you need to find an indirect way of transferring your Madden coins, you would have to sell your existing players for Madden coins and then sell those coins to a website like MUTCoins.com and then buy back your Madden 19 coins on your new console. Of course, when purchasing back your MUT coins, you would have to factor in the EA tax that would be imposed on the purchase. So, you would not only lose your team but in all likelihood, you would lose a good number of Madden coins as well depending on what you have saved in your bank. To avoid this issue, most Madden gamers will just buy the game on their new console and many choose not to switch between different consoles.

    Madden Mobile coins on the other hand have four separate auction houses due to users playing the mobile game on iOS and Android devices. However, mobile madden coins again cannot be interchanged between these four auction houses. So, if you're looking to play or assist a friend through a mobile or tablet device, be sure to create an account on the same auction house.

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  • Should I Buy Madden Coins or MUT Points?

    If you are a sports gamer, you most likely enjoy playing Madden Ultimate Team. It is one of the most popular sports games on the market and there is always a great deal of hype and anticipation when the new year’s game is finally released. For many Madden gamers, points and coins are an important part of the game, particularly if you are competitive and want to ensure that you create the best roster of players you can, giving yourself the best chance of coming out on top. For many Madden gamers, there is a question of whether it is better to buy Madden coins or Madden points. There are pros and cons to both purchases but there is a pretty clear winner when it comes to what is better for your game and where you should make your purchases.

    There are two types of currency used in Madden Ultimate Team, or MUT. Those two types are coins and points and they are used to purchase packs, bundles, and other items within the game. Each of those items can help boost your team, and subsequently, your chance of winning and getting or staying on top. You want to build the strongest roster you can and bundles and packs can help you do that. While you can get many of these items through playing the game and completing different sets or challenges, others can only be acquired through purchasing with MUT points or MUT coins. So, gamers need to make the decision on which currency is the better option and then where to buy it.

    Coins are used as the in-game currency and they can be won through several different types of activities within the game, with a real-time tally displayed within the user bar strip. So, as you purchase things you can see your coin amount decrease in real- time and similarly when you win coins, you’ll see your increased total as well. Coins can be earned through quick sell, completing solo challenges, finishing sets, auctions, the EA SPORTS gridiron club and through Head-to-Head seasons. You can use your MUT coins to purchase a variety of different items used in the game including replacement player items, contracts, and packs. You can also use them to bid on items for sale in auctions opened by other players. So, having MUT 19 coins is an integral part of your success in Madden Ultimate Team.

    Points are the second type of currency used in Madden Ultimate Team and they can be used to purchase packs, bundles and other items used in MUT. However, you have to be playing using PlayStation Network or Xbox Live to purchase points.

    Buy MUT Points, MUT Points, Madden Points, Buy Madden Points

    Because there are two options for currency available in the game, many players are unsure which is the better option to purchase, MUT coins or MUT points. The short answer is MUT coins for a variety of reasons. MUT coins give Madden players more purchasing freedom than points and that is because they can be used to purchase players right from the auction house instead of hoping to get a particular player within a pack. So, if you really want a particular player, instead of buying a pack and hoping to get them, you can just purchase them directly at auction and guarantee yourself that you are getting what you want. You can also use MUT coins on packs from the MUT store if you want to purchase packs or bundles. For these reasons, MUT 19 coins seem like the more efficient and cost-effective purchase instead of MUT points.

    Madden Points can be purchased directly from EA sports but purchasing Madden coins also gives you the freedom of finding another distributor. You can buy cheap Madden coins and then purchase what you want in Madden Ultimate Team. All around, the option of purchasing Madden coins over Madden points seems to provide more benefits in the sense that they are more cost efficient and they give you more freedom when purchasing players. If you are looking for an elite player, using coins purchased from a cheap online distributor is the better option. So buy Madden 19 coins and give yourself more gaming and purchase freedom.

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  • How to Get Free Madden Ultimate Team Coins!

    Madden Ultimate Team gamers are always looking for ways to score free Madden coins. Of course, if you are a Madden gamer, you want to find ways to get more MUT coins and that makes sense. You are trying to build your best team and win as many matchups as you can. You need MUT coins for that. However, it isn’t quite that easy when it comes to getting Madden Ultimate Team coins for free. You should pay attention to any website that makes the promise of free MUT coins or Madden coins. They are trying to trick you into thinking you’ll receive something from them that doesn’t exist.

    Many Madden gamers make that assumption that they can easily make use of one of the many websites online that offer free MUT coins. These websites make it look easy to steal coins from the games. They say that you can do it in three minutes and that you don’t have to do much to get the MUT coins. If you are looking for a quick and easy fix, this might sound really appealing. However, it isn’t quite as easy as they make it seem, particularly because there is no such thing as free Madden Ultimate Team coins. There are more websites on the internet making these claims than could ever be counted and they are in it for a reason. They want you to think that you can steal, glitch, duplicate or hack MUT coins. However, MUT coins have a real-world value and they can be bought in sold across the internet, meaning that they wouldn't just be given away for free.

    You can use the internet to buy MUT coins and you can use it to sell MUT coins. You can even buy MUT coins from online distributors like www.MUTCoins.com. This means that the coins have a real-life value and cost real money. They aren’t something that you can just generate with a program and then sell the coins on. The reason why these websites claim to do this is that in exchange for the promise of free MUT coins, gamers have to enter their log-information under the guise that doing so will allow them to collect their free coins. This lures unsuspecting gamers into inputting their log-in credentials into the hacking website. By doing this, gamers are leaving their personal gaming information unprotected.

    By inputting your information, you are essentially handing it over to the hacking website who can then go in and steal your most valuable players, MUT coins, and other resources. So you run the risk of losing what you already have in your game for the promise of free MUT coins, which don’t actually exist. Don’t get caught in this trap. It seems like you are getting MUT coins for free and finding a quick fix to getting coins, but you aren’t. You are giving away access to your personal log-in credentials to scammers.

    The best conclusion to be drawn from this that no website can provide you with free Madden coins, free MUT coins, or any other way to cheat Madden Ultimate Team into giving you free stuff. You must play through the game and earn your way. If you are looking for cheap Madden coins, you can purchase cheap MUT coins through reputable websites, but you cannot get them for free.

    There are ways to buy cheap Madden Ultimate Team Coins online. Just make sure you are doing so from a reputable distributor and not from a site that is pretending to have free MUT coins available. Buy cheap MUT coins instead of looking for free ones that don’t actually exist. And in the meantime, protect your log-in information with this guide from EA Sports.

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  • Can I get Banned for Buying Madden Coins?

    If you are a sports gamer, you most likely play Madden Ultimate Team, or MUT. It is one of the most popular sports games on the market and its new game is always met with much anticipation leading up to its release. So if you are a Madden gamer, you know that MUT coins and points can be crucial to your success in the game. And while it isn’t mandatory that you purchase them, having them can make a big difference in how successful you are in the game and purchasing them can mean you get them a lot faster than you would if you spent the time to earn them. If you want to build your strongest roster and win as many head-to-head challenges as possible, MUT coins and MUT points will help you get there. So, if you know that you need them to be successful, now you need to know where to purchase them.

    EA Sports has spent a lot of resources marketing the idea that if you buy Madden coins elsewhere, as opposed to buying Madden points from them, you run the risk of being banned. Because of this scare tactic, many Madden gamers are fearful of using the more cost effective approach of buying cheap Madden coins from a reputable distributor because they don’t want to run the risk of being banned. So, let’s examine the validity of the claim made by EA Sports.

    EA Sports has made this claim for a number of their games and it always seems to fall flat. You don’t see anyone ever getting banned for buying Madden coins. And while it makes sense that EA Sports would prefer that you buy from them, there doesn’t seem to be a real possibility that they can monitor all of the outside transactions taking place, including those of selling and buying MUT coins. There are millions of these transactions taking place over the internet and there doesn’t seem to be a built-in way for EA sports to monitor each one of them or even track them as they are happening. They are using the threat of banning and hoping that it deters gamers from finding and using the cheaper option of buying cheap Madden coins online from a distributor that is far less expensive than purchasing points in MUT. This makes sense for EA sports since it means that they could lose money from all of the purchases happening outside of their game. They would prefer you buy from them.

    It seems that EA Sports has unveiled and marketed a new warning systems for those who are selling and buying MUT coins online. This system includes multiple warnings before a person would be banned which means that there are multiple strikes you can receive before you would ever actually be banned and that would be if EA Sports were actually following their own warning system. It is yet to be seen that they are actually warning anyone, even once, let along banning them. This newest system marketed by EA Sports is actually far more lenient than previous systems in which they claimed they would simply ban you as soon as they verified your purchases of Madden 17 coins. Now, they have moved to this warning system which has not proven to be effective, if in fact it is even being used.

    So, if you are looking to purchase cheap Madden coins, you can do so online much cheaper than you can through EA sports. There is no real evidence that EA Sports has the ability to ban anyone or has even tried to do so. In fact, it seems that not only are they not following their own warning system, but it seems pretty challenging if not entirely impossible, to monitor all of the millions of transactions that are happening online. EA sports is using this threat as a scare tactic in hopes that MUT gamers will purchase through them directly instead of through a more cost efficient means. If you need MUT coins, you should consider saving yourself some money and purchasing them through a reputable distributor online like www.MUTCoins.com for far less than you would plan to spend on points in MUT.

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  • What is Madden Ultimate Team?

    Madden Ultimate Team gives sports gamers a fun way to try new features in sports video gaming. The game mode gives a great deal of freedom to players to establish their own team. With Madden Ultimate Team, you are able to build your own winning team and lineup. You do this by choosing your lineup, trading with others, using in-game currency known as MUT Coins, and getting new players. You can play Madden Ultimate Team in solo challenges, collections or in a mode that allows for multiplayer head-to-head gaming where you can play other gamers you know. If you haven’t played Madden Ultimate Team, or MUT, before, there are a few things you’ll want to know before getting started.

    First, you should be well aware of the terminology used in MUT. To start, there is the MUT Store where you can buy packs. The Madden Ultimate Team game mode is technically free but many gamers choose to buy packs from EA sports or MUT coins from other distributors. The packs sold by EA sports tend to be more expensive than other options for purchasing. You can buy cheap MUT coins elsewhere. But, the store is where you can really build your team. Building your team leads to an established lineup, which is the team you’ve built to play the game. The trade block is where you can trade collectibles or other items with other MUT players. Again, this allows you to have control over the team your building. Similar to the trade block, there is the auction block where you can buy and sell different items including stadiums, coaches, and player items. If you stock up on those items, you’ll store them in your reserve which is home to all of your extra items that you may need in the future. Lastly, by putting together different groupings of items or players, you can earn better players or newer packs. One of the features many gamers like most about Madden Ultimate team game mode is that they have freedom over establishing and enhancing their lineup, giving them the best chance in head-to-head gaming.

    In MUT, Chemistry is a system of boosts that gives specific characteristics to all of the players on your team. Madden Ultimate Team uses this chemistry as an important part of the game. There are a total of 8 different chemistries you can master in Madden Ultimate Team. If you join players with similar chemistries you can get boosts to their similar attributes. To get started with Madden Ultimate Team, you are given one choice of Team Captain to help build your team. Each of these team captains has a specific chemistry so you want to choose wisely. You pick your captain and then you are given a starter pack to help you build the rest of your team around that captain. This is when you really start to build your roster, or lineup and you want to be careful about how you do so. The lineup can be started in one of two ways. The first option is just you choosing specific players for their specific positions. The second option is to choose the function labeled “Best Lineup”. This will give you your first starting lineup and bring you to play your first solo challenge.

    MUT Solo Challenges, Madden Challenges, MUT Challenges

    There are continuous upgrades in features in MUT. With this latest year, the biggest addition was the introduction of the new Seasons mode. It was used as the primary competitive mode within Madden Ultimate Team this year and will be used going forward. There have been other additions as well such as Football Outsiders, Road to the Playoffs and Ultimate Feast. These additions just helped to add some dimension to the more traditional pack collections and openings.

    Other new features that have come out of Madden Ultimate Team include the MUT Draft which was just held this year and was very successful. There are content additions as well as promotions that occur throughout the year which helps make the football season last longer for gamers. While Madden Ultimate Team is free to play, most gamers choose to buy MUT coins to build up their lineups and enhance their play. You can buy Madden mobile coins online and you can also sell Madden coins.

    If you are a football fan, Madden Ultimate Team gives you the ability to build a powerhouse team and play a lineup that you’ve creatively built yourself. The game mode combines the most interested features of Madden gaming with the most exciting aspects of football play, making MUT a popular gaming mode for most Madden enthusiasts. It takes the most interesting aspects of Fantasy Football and brings them to gaming. Keep your football season going all year long by playing Madden Ultimate Team and by purchasing Madden Coins.

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