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  • What is EA Access and How Much Does it Cost?

    EA Access is an innovative subscription service for gamers that provides digital titles you can play without having to pay full price. It seems to work best for sports gamers who are interested in trying new games and having early access to blockbuster games before their official release date.

    With EA access, you can choose to pay either $4.99 per month or $29.99 per year to access a variety of different games, all of which are housed in what is called the Vault. This Vault is just a collection of different games that you can access as a subscriber to the EA Access service. By subscribing to EA Access, you can download and play games from the Vault without having to pay full price for them. They are all digital and there is no need to purchase a disc to play them.

    At first, EA Access was very limited in its platforms. It started as a service only available to gamers who wanted Xbox One games. Now, it is also open to the Xbox 360 platform, meaning that Xbox 360 games are now stocked and available in the Vault. In order to use and play the games, you have to have an active subscription to the service. So, if you decide to stop paying for the service for some period of time, you no longer have access to the games you’ve downloaded from the Vault. They go away when the payments to the service end.

    One of the biggest pros to becoming an EA Access subscriber is that with the service comes access to games five days earlier than they are released to the public. So, if you are awaiting Madden 19 and want to be able to play it 5 days earlier than anyone else, becoming an EA Access subscriber will allow you to do that. In addition to the pro of early access to popular games, subscribers also receive a discount of 10% on any downloads or video games purchased from the Xbox store.

    There are a lot of titles in the Vault available for play by EA Access subscribers and many of them are sports related. So it is a service that tends to appeal greatly to sports gamers. So, if you want to play Madden 19 early and experience some other sports games, like UFC 2, NHL 17, NBA Live 17 or FIFA 17, EA Access might be for you.

    UFC, FIFA, Madden, NHL, Peggle, Need For Speed, Battlefield

    There are a lot of pros to purchasing a subscription to EA Access. At only $4.99 a month, it won’t take long to earn your money back, particularly when you take into account the 10% discount offered to subscribers. And there are a great number of titles available to play through the Vault. There is really nothing to lose and no obligation. If you find that it isn’t worth it for you, you can always cancel the service. But at the very least, you would get to play Madden 19 five days earlier than anyone who doesn’t subscribe to EA Access.

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  • When is Madden 18 Released?

    The long-awaited Madden 18 finally has a firm release date of 25th August 2017. And there is a great deal of hype around what can be expected with the release. With the promise of improved graphics, upgrades in gaming and improvements in features, there is a lot of anticipation surrounding the release.

    While the release date is always on a Tuesday in August, this year the release will be on a Friday for the Madden 18 G.O.A.T. version, a deviation from the typical Tuesday release. If you want to stick with only the standard version, you’ll have to wait for the typical Tuesday release following August 25th. The new Madden 18 has made NFL news, with several new features, upgrades, and improvements over Madden 17.

    Madden GOAT Edition, Madden Game, Madden 18 Cover, Tom Brady

    By far, the biggest upgrade from Madden 17 to Madden 18 is the switch over to the Frostbite game engine, which means specific upgrades and improvements in gaming. You can anticipate updated gameplay options as well as notably improved graphics. There is also a teaser floating around that includes the potential for a story mode. EA Sports has historically done really well with this feature in other games, so gamers are holding up hope that the feature doesn’t disappoint in Madden 18.

    Madden 18 offers a couple of different matchup opportunities, which bears a lot of similarity with EA Sports Madden Ultimate Team, for which gamers buy madden mobile coins. With Madden 18, you will be able to play with your favorite team or you can choose to play the best weekly match-ups which include the latest rosters. Official NFL stats are available as well as custom commentary.

    One of the new features with Madden 18 is that there are three choices of play styles from which you can choose. It hasn’t yet been announced what those play styles are specifically but the assumption is that they will have something to do with improving play calling by the coach. Another new feature of Madden 18 includes upgrades in passing on the field. You are now able to use target passing which means that there is a new capability to pass to any specified place or player on the field. This means there is no need to only pass to a wide open receiver. Instead, you can pass to anywhere on the field.

    The switch to Frostbite brings a great deal of anticipation when it comes to improved gaming graphics. This engine is used elsewhere and produces better field gameplay as well as off the field moments, producing more of a story line for the gamer when compared to Madden 17. The cinematic footage that has been released so far looks great but there hasn’t been any pre-release of actual gameplay of Madden 18 just yet.

    Frostbite Game Engine

    There are likely to be coaching assignments as well coverage adjustments in Madden 18, which most gamers believe to be far overdue. Coaching adjustments might mean being able to make situational changes. As always, EA is likely to continue to cultivate and invest in MUT if for no other reason than because the buying and selling of MUT coins has proven to be incredibly profitable for EA. The commitment to EA Sports Madden Ultimate Team or MUT coins selling doesn’t seem to be fading any time soon.

    Hiring for testers for Madden 18 is currently underway, with EA Sports Studio looking for testers who can check the game, along with the improved features and graphics, while also keeping a specific eye out for NFL accuracy.

    Much of the buzz around release of Madden NFL 18 revolved around the always anticipated reveal of the game cover’s athlete. There was much speculation around who would be on the cover for Madden 18 but few speculations were accurate. This year the game cover athlete is Tom Brady, arguably the greatest player of all time, who walked away from the 2017 NFL season with his fifth superbowl win. He is the most decorated and accomplished NFL quarterback of all time, often making NFL news both off and on the field. Brady, the oldest player to ever grace the cover of Madden 18, has publicly stated that he isn’t worried about the Madden curse.

    If you want to play Madden 18 earlier than the official release date, you’ll be able to via EA Access but not through your own PS4 or Xbox. And if using EA Access, you can expect to play up to five 5 days before the official release on 25th August. In addition, if Madden 18 G.O.A.T is the version purchased, game play can start three days early on PS4 or Xbox One. Madden 18 is available for gaming with Xbox 360, PS3, PS4, Xbox One, and Mobile. Madden coins, including Madden mobile coins, can be used with each gaming system.

    Madden 18 Trailer:

    Click Here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8tvT0dgyV34

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  • Madden NFL 17 Super Bowl LI Edition On Sale For $19.80!

    Heads up, you can grab the Madden NFL 17 Super Bowl LI Edition from the Microsoft Store on Xbox One for just $19.80, a huge $40.19 saving, for the next week! If you were considering trying out the game before then this is the perfect time to give it a try!

    UPDATE: You can now get Madden 17 free on the Xbox One if you own EA Access! Read more here!


    Get into that Super Bowl spirit before Sunday!

    And if you're enjoying the game, remember you can buy Madden coins from us, so that you can buy them extra special players!

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