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  • Will EA Ban me for Buying Madden Coins?

    MUT, or Madden Ultimate Team, is incredible popular with sports gamers. It is one of the most popular sports games on the market and each time a newer version of the game is released, it is met with a great deal of anticipation and intrigue. If you play MUT, you know that MUT coins and points are an integral part of being successful.

    Even though it isn’t mandated that you purchase coins or points, having them can help determine your success in the game. Buying them, as opposed to earning them, can mean that you get them a lot quicker than grinding through the game. If you want to build your strongest roster and win as many head-to-head challenges as possible, MUT coins and MUT points will help you get there. So, if you know that you need them to be successful, now you need to know where to purchase them.

    EA Sports has spent a lot of time saying that you cannot buy Madden coins from another distributor. In other words, EA Sports has said that if you choose to buy coins somewhere, instead of with them directly through the form of points, you could be banned from the game. This has produced a good amount of fear in gamers who do not want to run the risk of being banned. It is important to understand the validity of this claim of being banned.

    Despite the fact that EA Sports has made this same claim a number of times with a number of different games, it always seems to prove false. There is never any gamer who actually gets banned from the game for buying Madden coins elsewhere. Of course it makes sense why EA Sports would want you to purchase points through them instead of from another distributor or channel. However, that being said, it would be impossible for them to monitor every transaction within the game and clearly identify and prove that someone has bought Madden 19 coins online. There are theoretically millions of these transactions that would be taking place on the internet and there doesn’t seem to be a mechanism for EA Sports to monitor every one of them. So, it seems that EA Sports is using the threat of being banned as way to deter players from ever considering purchasing their MUT coins elsewhere. It seems to be an empty threat. This threat relates back to the idea that it is much cheaper to buy Madden coins online from a distributor than it is to purchase points in MUT through Xbox Points or PSN credit. So, every time a player buys coins from a distributor, EA Sports is losing money while the player is saving money. So, of course EA Sports would prefer that players only ever buy Madden points from them directly.

    EA Sports has apparently showcased and marketed a new warning system for those who are selling and buying Madden Ultimate Team coins online. The system includes several warnings before a person would actually be banned. This means that even if EA Sports were monitor these transactions, you would capitalize on having multiple strikes before you were ever actually be banned. It is yet to be seen that EA Sports is even warning players, nevermind moving forward with actually banning anyone. This newer system is actually a good deal more lenient than what EA Sports has proposed in the past. In the past, EA Sports claimed that they would simply ban players while this system allows for warnings if the player is verified as having purchased coins. That said, there is no real proof that this new system is even being used or followed.

    If you are looking to purchase cheap Madden coins, you can do so online much cheaper than you can through EA sports. There is no proof that EA Sports is actually banning anyone from making such purchases, or even has the mechanism to do so. This means that you could save yourself some money by purchasing from a reputable distributor as opposed to EA Sports directly, which would cost significantly more money and it if you don't pack any valuable players, then your investment in points could prove fruitless.

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  • Should I Buy Madden Coins or MUT Points?

    If you are a sports gamer, you most likely enjoy playing Madden Ultimate Team. It is one of the most popular sports games on the market and there is always a great deal of hype and anticipation when the new year’s game is finally released. For many Madden gamers, points and coins are an important part of the game, particularly if you are competitive and want to ensure that you create the best roster of players you can, giving yourself the best chance of coming out on top. For many Madden gamers, there is a question of whether it is better to buy Madden coins or Madden points. There are pros and cons to both purchases but there is a pretty clear winner when it comes to what is better for your game and where you should make your purchases.

    There are two types of currency used in Madden Ultimate Team, or MUT. Those two types are coins and points and they are used to purchase packs, bundles, and other items within the game. Each of those items can help boost your team, and subsequently, your chance of winning and getting or staying on top. You want to build the strongest roster you can and bundles and packs can help you do that. While you can get many of these items through playing the game and completing different sets or challenges, others can only be acquired through purchasing with MUT points or MUT coins. So, gamers need to make the decision on which currency is the better option and then where to buy it.

    Coins are used as the in-game currency and they can be won through several different types of activities within the game, with a real-time tally displayed within the user bar strip. So, as you purchase things you can see your coin amount decrease in real- time and similarly when you win coins, you’ll see your increased total as well. Coins can be earned through quick sell, completing solo challenges, finishing sets, auctions, the EA SPORTS gridiron club and through Head-to-Head seasons. You can use your MUT coins to purchase a variety of different items used in the game including replacement player items, contracts, and packs. You can also use them to bid on items for sale in auctions opened by other players. So, having MUT 19 coins is an integral part of your success in Madden Ultimate Team.

    Points are the second type of currency used in Madden Ultimate Team and they can be used to purchase packs, bundles and other items used in MUT. However, you have to be playing using PlayStation Network or Xbox Live to purchase points.

    Buy MUT Points, MUT Points, Madden Points, Buy Madden Points

    Because there are two options for currency available in the game, many players are unsure which is the better option to purchase, MUT coins or MUT points. The short answer is MUT coins for a variety of reasons. MUT coins give Madden players more purchasing freedom than points and that is because they can be used to purchase players right from the auction house instead of hoping to get a particular player within a pack. So, if you really want a particular player, instead of buying a pack and hoping to get them, you can just purchase them directly at auction and guarantee yourself that you are getting what you want. You can also use MUT coins on packs from the MUT store if you want to purchase packs or bundles. For these reasons, MUT 19 coins seem like the more efficient and cost-effective purchase instead of MUT points.

    Madden Points can be purchased directly from EA sports but purchasing Madden coins also gives you the freedom of finding another distributor. You can buy cheap Madden coins and then purchase what you want in Madden Ultimate Team. All around, the option of purchasing Madden coins over Madden points seems to provide more benefits in the sense that they are more cost efficient and they give you more freedom when purchasing players. If you are looking for an elite player, using coins purchased from a cheap online distributor is the better option. So buy Madden 19 coins and give yourself more gaming and purchase freedom.

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  • Can I get Banned for Buying Madden Coins?

    If you are a sports gamer, you most likely play Madden Ultimate Team, or MUT. It is one of the most popular sports games on the market and its new game is always met with much anticipation leading up to its release. So if you are a Madden gamer, you know that MUT coins and points can be crucial to your success in the game. And while it isn’t mandatory that you purchase them, having them can make a big difference in how successful you are in the game and purchasing them can mean you get them a lot faster than you would if you spent the time to earn them. If you want to build your strongest roster and win as many head-to-head challenges as possible, MUT coins and MUT points will help you get there. So, if you know that you need them to be successful, now you need to know where to purchase them.

    EA Sports has spent a lot of resources marketing the idea that if you buy Madden coins elsewhere, as opposed to buying Madden points from them, you run the risk of being banned. Because of this scare tactic, many Madden gamers are fearful of using the more cost effective approach of buying cheap Madden coins from a reputable distributor because they don’t want to run the risk of being banned. So, let’s examine the validity of the claim made by EA Sports.

    EA Sports has made this claim for a number of their games and it always seems to fall flat. You don’t see anyone ever getting banned for buying Madden coins. And while it makes sense that EA Sports would prefer that you buy from them, there doesn’t seem to be a real possibility that they can monitor all of the outside transactions taking place, including those of selling and buying MUT coins. There are millions of these transactions taking place over the internet and there doesn’t seem to be a built-in way for EA sports to monitor each one of them or even track them as they are happening. They are using the threat of banning and hoping that it deters gamers from finding and using the cheaper option of buying cheap Madden coins online from a distributor that is far less expensive than purchasing points in MUT. This makes sense for EA sports since it means that they could lose money from all of the purchases happening outside of their game. They would prefer you buy from them.

    It seems that EA Sports has unveiled and marketed a new warning systems for those who are selling and buying MUT coins online. This system includes multiple warnings before a person would be banned which means that there are multiple strikes you can receive before you would ever actually be banned and that would be if EA Sports were actually following their own warning system. It is yet to be seen that they are actually warning anyone, even once, let along banning them. This newest system marketed by EA Sports is actually far more lenient than previous systems in which they claimed they would simply ban you as soon as they verified your purchases of Madden 17 coins. Now, they have moved to this warning system which has not proven to be effective, if in fact it is even being used.

    So, if you are looking to purchase cheap Madden coins, you can do so online much cheaper than you can through EA sports. There is no real evidence that EA Sports has the ability to ban anyone or has even tried to do so. In fact, it seems that not only are they not following their own warning system, but it seems pretty challenging if not entirely impossible, to monitor all of the millions of transactions that are happening online. EA sports is using this threat as a scare tactic in hopes that MUT gamers will purchase through them directly instead of through a more cost efficient means. If you need MUT coins, you should consider saving yourself some money and purchasing them through a reputable distributor online like www.MUTCoins.com for far less than you would plan to spend on points in MUT.

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  • Can You Really Hack The Game For Free Madden Coins?

    There are a lot of websites out there that claim you can somehow hack Madden in order to gain coins/cash. Now this is probably linked to former glitches in the game, where you could get things like unlimited MUT Cash/Coins. These were patched by EA Sports years ago though now. Here's the thing - if it seems too good to be true, it's probably not real.

    A lot will ask you to fill in a "survey" full of personal details, this should be a red flag in itself. The idea behind these scams for free MUT Coins is that you give them these details and they can either use it to steal your information or worse, your money.

    Let's take a look at the facts - they'll ask for your User ID to the game. But that's okay, because they're not asking for your password, right? Wrong. If your password is simply letters and numbers then you have a password which a hacker can work out in under an hour with the right equipment. If you've given your email address you're even more at risk - online banking linked to it? Password same as used for Madden Mobile?

    It's easy enough to think "why not", but when you really think about it - is trying to get free Madden Coins really worth the risk?

    As a heads up too, never ever give your login details for any game whatsoever. This leaves you open to so many problems. For one, giving access to your account means they could actually take your MUT coins from you. Along with the other potential risks listed above this all leaves you very vulnerable, and even more annoying is that you could end up with your best players being stolen from you, that's no way to get the best Madden Ultimate Team.

    It isn't all bad news though, we are a legitimate company and do not ask for your login details. You're protected in the sense you can ask for a refund before delivery of coins. Anymore queries? You can talk to us via Live Chat or email at any point. We may not be able to offer "free" MUT Coins, but we can give you the best service and the most agreeable prices. Head to MUTCoins.com and place your order now, safe in the knowledge that the transaction will be secure and you will gain your Madden Coins swiftly!

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  • MUT Coins.com - Our Brand New Website Design!

    We've recently made an important decision, we have a lot of loyal customers and so, as a result, we wanted to re-invest in something that would make your experience of purchasing with us much easier and cheaper. Hence, you will have noticed that we've re-branded www.MUTCoins.com!

    This re-branding will of course come with many benefits to you, our faithful customers, including:

    Flexible Buying of MUT Coins

    First, we're adding an awesome coin slider facility when it comes to selecting your quantity of MUT coins. A major benefit of this is that it provides you with greater flexibility in choosing the exact amount of Madden Coins you want to purchase! Furthermore, it will also tell you how many Madden Ultimate Team coins you will receive after EA's taxes.

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    Tiered Pricing Structure

    It goes without saying - we wouldn't be giving you the best value for Madden 19 Coins without a tiered pricing structure. As you can see in the above image, that's exactly what we're providing. Essentially, the more you buy, the cheaper the cost per coin is! Meaning that those rarer Elite or Legendary NFL Players that you've always wanted, but cost the earth to buy, will now be cheaper to buy with real-life money!

    User Friendly Buying Process

    We appreciate that if you're new to buying MUT Coins, it can be a challenge at first to work out how to actually buy your Madden coins! So now, on each page of the buying process, there are user-friendly instructions that will guide you through the stages and if that's not enough, we have a 24/7 live chat support team that are more than happy to help if you're stuck. No more confusion or doubt on how to receive your MUT Coins!

    Multiple Payment Options

    We've been working hard to make sure that you have more choice when it comes to how to pay for your cheap MUT Coins. Hence, we now allow payments through both PayPal and Skrill! Both of these are extremely secure payment gateways and offer you maximum buyer protection. In addition to this, our PCI Compliant website never stores any card payment details and all our checkout pages are SSL secured. But more on that later.

    Around The Clock Customer Support

    We were already renowned for our high-level customer support but we have now stepped up our game once more! We have now implemented a 24/7 human live chat support team that can be access via the widget in the bottom right-hand corner of the website. The live chat support team can help with; understanding how to receive your MUT Coins, order updates, or any questions about the website/service in general!

    Of course, we still maintain the standard options of emailing us at Support@MUTCoins.com, using a contact form or chatting to us through one of our social media pages on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

    Greater Security

    We aren't one for slacking when it comes to technological updates for all areas of our site, so as always this new design comes with the newest highest bit-rated Comodo SSL certificate available! This in turn encrypts all data sent and received through this website, such as payment details. In laments terms, this means that your data is impossible to intercept and be readable to human or robots. So, you can safely buy with confidence when using MUTCoins.com!

    More Giveaways!

    We want to give back to you, our loyal customers more often. So, as a result, we will now be doing weekly giveaways on our social media pages for 1 Million Free Madden Coins each week!

    Follow us on: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to join in!

    Professional Feel!

    And last, but not least. In our completely, honestly, non-biased opinion... the site looks so much more professional now. We stand head and shoulders above our competition in all aspects of website usability, cost of Madden Coins, delivery speeds, customer support, security and overall general levels of service. We now have a website that truly reflects the standards of our company - Online Trade Solution LTD.

    So, what are you waiting for, try our new website today and buy cheap MUT Coins from the best MUT Coins selling website there is!

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    Feel free to hit us up on either Facebook or Twitter and let us know what you think of the new design too, we'd love to hear from you!

    In need of some MUT coins pronto? Take advantage of our new site & purchase from here!

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  • Free Madden 17 Game On Xbox One With EA Access

    Ladies and gentlemen, we only have one week until we can get Madden 17 on Xbox One for free with EA Access!

    EA has announced on their Facebook page that Madden 17 will be added to the EA Access Vault next week, which means that if you have EA Access (only $4.99 a month or $29.99 a year) you can download it for free from then on! If you do get EA Access, you can also download many more games from the Vault, making it definitely worth the purchase. Amongst these, fairly recent added games include:

    • - EA SPORTS™ UFC® 2
    • - Mirror's Edge™ Catalyst
    • - Star Wars™ Battlefront™

    With at least until August until the next Madden game should be coming out, and lots of recent fixes to the game, now is the perfect time for those wanting to try out Madden on Xbox!

    And don't forget you can grab Madden 17 coins for Xbox One at the best prices right here!

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  • Madden NFL 17 Title Update 10

    Valentine's Day. A day for showing your love for someone, dining out, going to the cinema... and playing Madden 17 with the newest updates.

    The NFL season may well be over, but EA Sports' recently released patch for Madden 17 came with a few bug fixes and game play improvements that seem pretty handy! Definitely intentional to keep Madden players like ourselves interested in the game.

    Included in this patch are:

    • - Fixes to RAC catches (to lower the risk of drops);
    • - QB's should now be able to match tackles after interceptions;
    • - Some user drop down banners have been removed - to stop them from being as distracting in-game;
    • - Fixes to freezing issues when players come out of blocking interactions; and
    • - The chances of the game crashing for a user when the other disconnects or concedes should be lowered.

    Basically, this patch is huge. You can take a look at the full list of patch notes, written by EA themselves, by clicking here. And, with even more reasons to play Madden, don't forget you can get coins for all consoles at the best prices right here!

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  • Madden NFL 17 Super Bowl LI Edition On Sale For $19.80!

    Heads up, you can grab the Madden NFL 17 Super Bowl LI Edition from the Microsoft Store on Xbox One for just $19.80, a huge $40.19 saving, for the next week! If you were considering trying out the game before then this is the perfect time to give it a try!

    UPDATE: You can now get Madden 17 free on the Xbox One if you own EA Access! Read more here!


    Get into that Super Bowl spirit before Sunday!

    And if you're enjoying the game, remember you can buy Madden coins from us, so that you can buy them extra special players!

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