• Sponsorship for Madden Ultimate Team Players!

    If you are a Madden gamer, you know how important it is to build up your MUT coin balance in order to build a solid team and be a dominant contender in the game. You either need the real-life cash to purchase what you need or you need the in-game currency of MUT coins to get the players you need and want. Many Madden Ultimate Team gamers are so involved in building their best team possible, that they lose out on opportunities the game could produce for them. One of these is Madden sponsorship for real life money or for Madden coins.

    If you have a successful Twitch or Youtube account you may be able to make yourself some side money by earning a sponsorship. And if you don’t yet have a successful social media presence, you may want to start building one. All of the affiliates sponsored by earn a commission of 5% on any business they refer. In addition, your viewers or social media followers receive a 5% off coupon good toward the total cost of their order on So, if you are looking to make a little bit of either cash or MUT coins, this might be an option for you, provided that you have a social media presence that might help you refer business.

    It is important to understand exactly how a sponsorship would work. If you have a presence on social mediate sites, such as Twitch or YouTube, and you can divert traffic to the website, you can cash in on your referrals and in turn, your referrals can get a discount on their orders. If you are already telling people about the great service you receive on, you could simply just start getting paid for it through the use of a sponsorship. It is a win-win for both you and your referrals.

    It is not a hard sell to divert other Madden gamers to the website either. There is no website doing the same business that comes close to the level of professionalism demonstrated by Aside from basic professionalism, offers impeccable customer service with a real focus on ensuring each customer is pleased with the service they are receiving whether it is buying MUT coins, selling Madden coins, or taking part in a sponsorship. They offer the very best rates when it comes to both purchasing and selling MUT 19 coins so you never need to question if you are making a good deal or a good referral. All of your referrals will be able to capitalize on the deals that already offers.

    If you think that getting a sponsorship from sounds like a good idea for you, simply fill out the request form on the website. Keep in mind that because of the great reputation that has, many Madden gamers are looking to get their sponsorship. A sponsorship with also does not require that you already have a large base of followers. If you post good content regularly, your base of followers will begin to grow and soon you’ll be making even more referrals than you thought possible. This can lead to increasing your ability to either make cash or to earn MUT 19 Coins. With either option, you are better equipped to build the best roster possible in Madden Ultimate Team, which of course is the goal of the game if you hope to be competitive in head to head challenges. Request a sponsorship today and earn yourself more buying power in the auction house.

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  • What is EA Access and How Much Does it Cost?

    EA Access is an innovative subscription service for gamers that provides digital titles you can play without having to pay full price. It seems to work best for sports gamers who are interested in trying new games and having early access to blockbuster games before their official release date.

    With EA access, you can choose to pay either $4.99 per month or $29.99 per year to access a variety of different games, all of which are housed in what is called the Vault. This Vault is just a collection of different games that you can access as a subscriber to the EA Access service. By subscribing to EA Access, you can download and play games from the Vault without having to pay full price for them. They are all digital and there is no need to purchase a disc to play them.

    At first, EA Access was very limited in its platforms. It started as a service only available to gamers who wanted Xbox One games. Now, it is also open to the Xbox 360 platform, meaning that Xbox 360 games are now stocked and available in the Vault. In order to use and play the games, you have to have an active subscription to the service. So, if you decide to stop paying for the service for some period of time, you no longer have access to the games you’ve downloaded from the Vault. They go away when the payments to the service end.

    One of the biggest pros to becoming an EA Access subscriber is that with the service comes access to games five days earlier than they are released to the public. So, if you are awaiting Madden 19 and want to be able to play it 5 days earlier than anyone else, becoming an EA Access subscriber will allow you to do that. In addition to the pro of early access to popular games, subscribers also receive a discount of 10% on any downloads or video games purchased from the Xbox store.

    There are a lot of titles in the Vault available for play by EA Access subscribers and many of them are sports related. So it is a service that tends to appeal greatly to sports gamers. So, if you want to play Madden 19 early and experience some other sports games, like UFC 2, NHL 17, NBA Live 17 or FIFA 17, EA Access might be for you.

    UFC, FIFA, Madden, NHL, Peggle, Need For Speed, Battlefield

    There are a lot of pros to purchasing a subscription to EA Access. At only $4.99 a month, it won’t take long to earn your money back, particularly when you take into account the 10% discount offered to subscribers. And there are a great number of titles available to play through the Vault. There is really nothing to lose and no obligation. If you find that it isn’t worth it for you, you can always cancel the service. But at the very least, you would get to play Madden 19 five days earlier than anyone who doesn’t subscribe to EA Access.

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  • Best Website to Sell MUT Coins to?

    If you have been an avid Madden gamer for some time now, you might find that you are starting to get a little bored with the game and don’t want to invest as much time and money into it as you once did. But you may find that you have a lot of MUT coins that cost you money and you no longer need or want them anymore. If that’s the case, you might want to start thinking about selling some of your MUT coins and getting some of your money back. Of course, you have invested both time and money into building the bank of coins that you currently have so you will want to be careful with choosing to whom you sell those precious MUT coins. You want to get the best and highest payment possible for your Madden coins. is the best and most reliable site to which you can sell your coins and for a number of reasons. First, the site always offers the very best price possible, with a real focus on customer service and being fair to the Madden gamer. not only offers you the best price when you are selling your MUT coins but they also disburse your payment for your coins right away. So, you aren’t waiting around for your payment. You can receive your money immediately right through Paypal and by using the ‘friends and family’ option provided by, you can even avoid the processing fee imposed by Paypal. That means not only do you receive your money right away and hassle-free but you receive all of the money owed to you instead of having to pay a processing fee to Paypal just to receive your own money. These are perks not always provided by other services to which you can sell your MUT coins. These are some of the main reasons is held in such high regard when compared to its competition.

    Sell Madden Coins

    Not only do you get your money instantly, but the process for selling your MUT coins to could not be simpler. In order to sell Madden coins to, you just input your information and are provided a quote from them in just a few hours. Then you can agree on price and expect to get your money instantly through Paypal. The sale is then complete. The process is easy and fast and can help you earn back some of the money you’ve invested in Madden Ultimate Team, whether you are looking to take a break from the game or just get back some of your money. Either way, is the absolutely best option when it comes to selling your MUT coins. They have always maintained a great reputation for selling Madden Ultimate Team coins and now they also buy them.

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  • What is MUT Rewards for Madden?

    MUT Rewards can be a great perk of playing Madden Ultimate Team, particularly if you are already inclined to buy packs when trying to build your team. Through MUT rewards, you can earn rewards just by opening packs in Madden Ultimate Team, with each pack you open counting toward your overall MUT rewards total. There are different levels of status in MUT Rewards, depending on how many packs you do open. By being or becoming a MUT Reward member, you are eligible to receive packs and Madden coins as well as random surprises that pop up throughout the Madden Season. Many gamers state that the service gives rewards pretty frequently to gamers who are already purchasing packs anyway.

    There are three levels of status in MUT rewards based on how many packs you have opened. So, you are considered a PRO if you have opened a minimum of 50 packs of any kind. Once you have opened 250 packs, you become an All-PRO and if you open a total of 1000 packs of any kind, you will be at the LEGENDARY level. Any Madden gamer who signs up for MUT Rewards also receives a Loyalty Badge which can be redeemed for player items, contracts or packs in Madden Ultimate Team. So, there is a perk already built-in to the program just for signing up.

    It is important to know what kind of rewards you can expect from MUT Rewards to see if it is worth it for you to sign up. There have been many recent rewards given out. For example, there have been MUT Rewards players who have won actual tickets to NFL football games as a reward. These players were at the Legendary level of participation and also were following EA Sports on Twitter. There have also been MUT Rewards players who have won early release copies of Madden 17, which is something most gamers would want. Lastly, some MUT rewards members have won various pieces of memorabilia. These include New Era Hats, Madden Ultimate Team Series Figures, and the Wilson X Connected football. Many Madden gamers comment that they receive a good number of random rewards throughout the year, which makes signing up for MUT rewards worth it for them. Even if they only ever receive a free pack here or there, given that the MUT rewards service is free, there is nothing to lose by taking part in the program. Instead, you can really only gain whatever the rewards are when they come out.

    Digital MUT rewards are now also available outside of the United States. MUT Rewards are actually available to all players in all countries. The only rewards that are exclusive to those Madden players living in the United States are the physical rewards. So, any Madden players who take part in MUT Rewards from outside of the U.S. will only be eligible for the digital rewards offered.

    Many Madden gamers rely on packs, or at least at some point purchase and open them. If that is the case for you, it makes sense to at least be rewarded for opening those packs. That is precisely what you receive when your sign up for and participate in MUT Rewards. You are being rewarded for doing what you would otherwise be doing anyway. But you are also giving yourself the chance to win rewards and prizes. Given that it is a free service and you are likely opening packs already, you have nothing to lose by signing up for MUT rewards. And if you hit legendary status, you might even find that you can score a free game when it is released.

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  • What is MUTHead and what can it do for me?

    If you are a Madden gamer, you are most likely always looking for ways to improve your game, build a stronger team, and dominate the competition. There are many resources out there to help you do that but many of the best MUT players turn to to help them gain and build the resources needed to be the best Madden Ultimate Team player possible. So, it is important for you to know the resources you’ll find on the website and why it can be beneficial to you, the MUT gamer.

    MUT Head, MUT Head Team Builder

    Overall, functions as a team builder for MUT gamers and functions as a Madden Ultimate Team Database. One of the core components of Madden Ultimate Team is obviously building your roster to be as strong as possible and subsequently capitalizing on chemistry. Well, has many resources to help you do this. To start, you can visit the Muthead Rankings to see the top rankings for every single position. And then for each individual player, you can see and scrutinize their full ratings and chemistries. You can then take all of those stats and compare them to other players in that same position. So, for example, you could compare Donovan McNabb with Marcus Mariota and see how they stack up against each other when it comes to their ratings as a mobile passer and pocket passer. Seeing the stats on each player, and how those stats compare to other players in the game can be incredibly useful when building your MUT team. It can also help drive who you want to be on your team. There is also a function on that allows you to build a full functional team so you can see how a fantasy team would match up against the competition. also offers MUTHead forums which many Madden gamers find very useful. These are forums for general help and guidance as well as for very specific issues or questions. If you are knew to Madden Ultimate Team, you might find these forums very informative and if you are a more seasoned player, you might be able to help guide newer players. Either way, there is a great wealth of MUT knowledge within the forum discussions on There are also tend to be good conversation in the forums related to Madden Mobile and MUTHead Packs. So even if you are an experienced player, you can find some information related to your specific questions.

    MUT Head, MUT Head Forums

    You can use the website to simulate MUTHead packs, which can include any player from the MUTHead website. There are also intensity pack simulators that offer an increased chance of pulling some of the better players in the game. So, you can simulate a pack that includes any of the players in the MUTHead database but give yourself more of a shot of getting one or more top players.

    Lastly, offers many features for Madden Mobile including a database and team builder. You can build an entire Madden roster by using the Madden Mobile team builder option on the website. And while you may find some information in the general forums related to Madden Mobile, even has a forum section exclusive to Madden Mobile questions and discussions.

    All of these features offered by can prove very beneficial to the avid Madden gamer as well as the beginner. You can study different lineups and simulate packs to see what you might receive in a MUT pack. Perhaps even most useful is the ability to chat with other MUT gamers about your questions or issues with the game. If you are more experienced, these forums give you the opportunity to share some of your knowledge with newer players. Comparing players and all of their stats seems to be one of the most acknowledged and appreciated features of the website. Many gamers state that it is the most useful feature as it allows gamers to take a look at how players in the same position stack up against each other which can only serve to help you build the best team possible and hopefully lead you to being a more dominant player in Madden Ultimate Team.

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  • Should I Buy Madden Coins or MUT Points?

    If you are a sports gamer, you most likely enjoy playing Madden Ultimate Team. It is one of the most popular sports games on the market and there is always a great deal of hype and anticipation when the new year’s game is finally released. For many Madden gamers, points and coins are an important part of the game, particularly if you are competitive and want to ensure that you create the best roster of players you can, giving yourself the best chance of coming out on top. For many Madden gamers, there is a question of whether it is better to buy Madden coins or Madden points. There are pros and cons to both purchases but there is a pretty clear winner when it comes to what is better for your game and where you should make your purchases.

    There are two types of currency used in Madden Ultimate Team, or MUT. Those two types are coins and points and they are used to purchase packs, bundles, and other items within the game. Each of those items can help boost your team, and subsequently, your chance of winning and getting or staying on top. You want to build the strongest roster you can and bundles and packs can help you do that. While you can get many of these items through playing the game and completing different sets or challenges, others can only be acquired through purchasing with MUT points or MUT coins. So, gamers need to make the decision on which currency is the better option and then where to buy it.

    Coins are used as the in-game currency and they can be won through several different types of activities within the game, with a real-time tally displayed within the user bar strip. So, as you purchase things you can see your coin amount decrease in real- time and similarly when you win coins, you’ll see your increased total as well. Coins can be earned through quick sell, completing solo challenges, finishing sets, auctions, the EA SPORTS gridiron club and through Head-to-Head seasons. You can use your MUT coins to purchase a variety of different items used in the game including replacement player items, contracts, and packs. You can also use them to bid on items for sale in auctions opened by other players. So, having MUT 19 coins is an integral part of your success in Madden Ultimate Team.

    Points are the second type of currency used in Madden Ultimate Team and they can be used to purchase packs, bundles and other items used in MUT. However, you have to be playing using PlayStation Network or Xbox Live to purchase points.

    Buy MUT Points, MUT Points, Madden Points, Buy Madden Points

    Because there are two options for currency available in the game, many players are unsure which is the better option to purchase, MUT coins or MUT points. The short answer is MUT coins for a variety of reasons. MUT coins give Madden players more purchasing freedom than points and that is because they can be used to purchase players right from the auction house instead of hoping to get a particular player within a pack. So, if you really want a particular player, instead of buying a pack and hoping to get them, you can just purchase them directly at auction and guarantee yourself that you are getting what you want. You can also use MUT coins on packs from the MUT store if you want to purchase packs or bundles. For these reasons, MUT 19 coins seem like the more efficient and cost-effective purchase instead of MUT points.

    Madden Points can be purchased directly from EA sports but purchasing Madden coins also gives you the freedom of finding another distributor. You can buy cheap Madden coins and then purchase what you want in Madden Ultimate Team. All around, the option of purchasing Madden coins over Madden points seems to provide more benefits in the sense that they are more cost efficient and they give you more freedom when purchasing players. If you are looking for an elite player, using coins purchased from a cheap online distributor is the better option. So buy Madden 19 coins and give yourself more gaming and purchase freedom.

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  • Which is the Best Website to Buy Madden Mobile Coins from?

    Madden gamers are always looking for the cheapest and best place to buy Madden Mobile Coins and with good reason. You need them to be successful in the game but you also don’t want to spend a fortune to get them. If you want to want to build your best team yet and give yourself the best chance of winning head-to-head challenges, you’ll need the best items and players. To get them, you’ll need Madden Mobile Coins. So, now that you know you need them, you need to find the best place to buy them. is by far the best resource for buying Madden Mobile Coins. To start, a tiered structure is used which means that the more Madden Mobile coins you buy, the less you are paying per coin. This translates into real cost savings given that many of the very expensive players can be purchased for less per coin because you are buying more Madden coins. In addition to the tiered structure there is another positive to the purchasing aspect of using and that is the flexible buying structure. You are offered a great deal of flexibility when determining how many coins you want so that you can get the exact amount you want and need. This structure also helps you see how many MUT coins you will actually receive once you pay EA’s taxes. So, if you have a solid picture of exactly what you are buying and exactly how many Madden Mobile Coins you’ll be left with once you pay the required taxes.

    EA Sports Tax, Madden Tax, MUT Tax

    With, the actual purchasing of Madden Mobile Coins is made as simple as possible, utilizing a very user-friendly interface. Along with the tiered structure and flexible buying, you are also given instructions on each and every page to help you along the way. And if you are still struggling with how to make your purchase, there is the offer of a 24/7 live chat support team to answer any questions you might have or to help you complete your purchase. You can feel safe making that purchase with as well, given that no card information is ever stored and the website is PCI compliant. You can also make purchases through both PayPal and Skrill which makes buying even more convenient and flexible. You can use whichever payment method you’d like. You can actually feel safe purchasing your Madden Mobile Coins here as well given that has a zero-ban rate. Purchase without the fear of being banned. You can feel completely secure in making your purchase here, not just with your payment details which are also protected but with your gaming privileges as well.

    Lastly, there is a level of professionalism you will encounter when working with that you simply won’t get anywhere else because there really is not competition when it comes to the advancements that has made. Not only is the website flexible, user-friendly, and safe to use, but the offer of 24/7 helpful support is guaranteed and with a zero-ban rate you never need to worry about your gaming privileges. The website is updated and professional and it shows when you compare it to other sites that try to offer a similar service. just feels and looks better and safer. Improvements have been made in nearly every area of the business from upgrades in the website to delivery speeds, the actual cost of Madden coins, security, customer service, and online chat support. is simply better than the competition and offers a better and more flexible buying experience.

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  • How to Get Free Madden Ultimate Team Coins!

    Madden Ultimate Team gamers are always looking for ways to score free Madden coins. Of course, if you are a Madden gamer, you want to find ways to get more MUT coins and that makes sense. You are trying to build your best team and win as many matchups as you can. You need MUT coins for that. However, it isn’t quite that easy when it comes to getting Madden Ultimate Team coins for free. You should pay attention to any website that makes the promise of free MUT coins or Madden coins. They are trying to trick you into thinking you’ll receive something from them that doesn’t exist.

    Many Madden gamers make that assumption that they can easily make use of one of the many websites online that offer free MUT coins. These websites make it look easy to steal coins from the games. They say that you can do it in three minutes and that you don’t have to do much to get the MUT coins. If you are looking for a quick and easy fix, this might sound really appealing. However, it isn’t quite as easy as they make it seem, particularly because there is no such thing as free Madden Ultimate Team coins. There are more websites on the internet making these claims than could ever be counted and they are in it for a reason. They want you to think that you can steal, glitch, duplicate or hack MUT coins. However, MUT coins have a real-world value and they can be bought in sold across the internet, meaning that they wouldn't just be given away for free.

    You can use the internet to buy MUT coins and you can use it to sell MUT coins. You can even buy MUT coins from online distributors like This means that the coins have a real-life value and cost real money. They aren’t something that you can just generate with a program and then sell the coins on. The reason why these websites claim to do this is that in exchange for the promise of free MUT coins, gamers have to enter their log-information under the guise that doing so will allow them to collect their free coins. This lures unsuspecting gamers into inputting their log-in credentials into the hacking website. By doing this, gamers are leaving their personal gaming information unprotected.

    By inputting your information, you are essentially handing it over to the hacking website who can then go in and steal your most valuable players, MUT coins, and other resources. So you run the risk of losing what you already have in your game for the promise of free MUT coins, which don’t actually exist. Don’t get caught in this trap. It seems like you are getting MUT coins for free and finding a quick fix to getting coins, but you aren’t. You are giving away access to your personal log-in credentials to scammers.

    The best conclusion to be drawn from this that no website can provide you with free Madden coins, free MUT coins, or any other way to cheat Madden Ultimate Team into giving you free stuff. You must play through the game and earn your way. If you are looking for cheap Madden coins, you can purchase cheap MUT coins through reputable websites, but you cannot get them for free.

    There are ways to buy cheap Madden Ultimate Team Coins online. Just make sure you are doing so from a reputable distributor and not from a site that is pretending to have free MUT coins available. Buy cheap MUT coins instead of looking for free ones that don’t actually exist. And in the meantime, protect your log-in information with this guide from EA Sports.

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  • What is EA Tax on Madden Ultimate Team?

    Madden Ultimate Team is one of the most popular sports games on the market and has been for some time now. There is typically a great deal of anticipation surrounding every new release of Madden and as such, avid gamers await the new features that come with a new release. For many MUT gamers, purchasing Madden coins is a crucial and integral part of the gaming experience. They allow you to purchase all of those big ticket items that you need to build your best roster and build a team that can take you far in head-to-head matchups. If you want to play competitively, you need MUT coins to get you the resources you need. There are some things you do need to know about purchasing MUT coins and its impact on your game.

    Whenever you purchase MUT coins, you should be aware that there is a tax imposed by EA on each of your purchases. You can expect to pay a 10% tax on your MUT coins purchases. This means that you should choose your online MUT coins distributor carefully. For example, if you choose to use the professional service of, you will always know exactly how many MUT 19 coins you are purchasing and how many you will receive after tax because the site uses a feature that factors in the EA tax and displays it clearly as seen below. This means that every consumer knows exactly how many MUT coins they are getting for their money.

    EA Sports Tax, Madden Tax, MUT Tax

    There seem to be a couple of different reasons why EA (Electronic Arts) decided to impose this tax on transactions within the game. First, it seems the tax was created to at least partially address the way in which money circulates through the game. Money goes into the game’s economy in a variety of different ways such as through purchasing packs, winning challenges, playing matches, or completing sets. However, money only ever exits the game through the use of consumables such as contracts used within the confines of the game.

    The way money flows throughout the game can lead to an inflation problem, which can be documented through the price of elite and legendary players.

    When buying Madden Coins, if you put a player up for sale at 100,000 MUT Coins and another gamer purchases it, you as the seller will only receive 90,000 coins, not the 100,000 you listed the player for. This is because EA takes the 10% of the sale price for taxation.

    Of course gamers aren't overwhelmingly happy about having to deal with the EA tax but it doesn’t seem that it is ill-intentioned. EA seems to be trying to address some of the issues that have come up with the overall purchasing within Madden Ultimate Team. It also does not seem that EA is profiting from this tax. In fact, it seems that the amount taken through the tax actually just leaves the game’s economy altogether. EA's 10% tax does help eliminate inflation but at the same time it hinders gamers progression who buy players for low and sell for higher, thus making a profit. This is known as flipping or merching in the gaming world.

    If you do have concerns or questions about how to navigate the EA tax on Madden Ultimate Team, is a great website to use since they keep the process very simple and are always available to answer any questions posed by gamers. You will know exactly how many Madden 19 coins you are getting in exchange for your money, particularly because the site factors the EA tax into your purchase. Because seems to be the most transparent and customer-friendly website, they are the best resource to use when purchasing Madden Ultimate Team Coins. They take the guess work out of the MUT Tax.

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  • Can I get Banned for Buying Madden Coins?

    If you are a sports gamer, you most likely play Madden Ultimate Team, or MUT. It is one of the most popular sports games on the market and its new game is always met with much anticipation leading up to its release. So if you are a Madden gamer, you know that MUT coins and points can be crucial to your success in the game. And while it isn’t mandatory that you purchase them, having them can make a big difference in how successful you are in the game and purchasing them can mean you get them a lot faster than you would if you spent the time to earn them. If you want to build your strongest roster and win as many head-to-head challenges as possible, MUT coins and MUT points will help you get there. So, if you know that you need them to be successful, now you need to know where to purchase them.

    EA Sports has spent a lot of resources marketing the idea that if you buy Madden coins elsewhere, as opposed to buying Madden points from them, you run the risk of being banned. Because of this scare tactic, many Madden gamers are fearful of using the more cost effective approach of buying cheap Madden coins from a reputable distributor because they don’t want to run the risk of being banned. So, let’s examine the validity of the claim made by EA Sports.

    EA Sports has made this claim for a number of their games and it always seems to fall flat. You don’t see anyone ever getting banned for buying Madden coins. And while it makes sense that EA Sports would prefer that you buy from them, there doesn’t seem to be a real possibility that they can monitor all of the outside transactions taking place, including those of selling and buying MUT coins. There are millions of these transactions taking place over the internet and there doesn’t seem to be a built-in way for EA sports to monitor each one of them or even track them as they are happening. They are using the threat of banning and hoping that it deters gamers from finding and using the cheaper option of buying cheap Madden coins online from a distributor that is far less expensive than purchasing points in MUT. This makes sense for EA sports since it means that they could lose money from all of the purchases happening outside of their game. They would prefer you buy from them.

    It seems that EA Sports has unveiled and marketed a new warning systems for those who are selling and buying MUT coins online. This system includes multiple warnings before a person would be banned which means that there are multiple strikes you can receive before you would ever actually be banned and that would be if EA Sports were actually following their own warning system. It is yet to be seen that they are actually warning anyone, even once, let along banning them. This newest system marketed by EA Sports is actually far more lenient than previous systems in which they claimed they would simply ban you as soon as they verified your purchases of Madden 17 coins. Now, they have moved to this warning system which has not proven to be effective, if in fact it is even being used.

    So, if you are looking to purchase cheap Madden coins, you can do so online much cheaper than you can through EA sports. There is no real evidence that EA Sports has the ability to ban anyone or has even tried to do so. In fact, it seems that not only are they not following their own warning system, but it seems pretty challenging if not entirely impossible, to monitor all of the millions of transactions that are happening online. EA sports is using this threat as a scare tactic in hopes that MUT gamers will purchase through them directly instead of through a more cost efficient means. If you need MUT coins, you should consider saving yourself some money and purchasing them through a reputable distributor online like for far less than you would plan to spend on points in MUT.

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