Ladies and gentlemen, we only have one week until we can get Madden 17 on Xbox One for free with EA Access! EA has announced on their Facebook page that Madden 17 will be added to the EA Access Vault next week, which means that if you have EA Access (only $4.99 a month or $29.99 […]

Valentine’s Day. A day for showing your love for someone, dining out, going to the cinema… and playing Madden 17 with the newest updates. The NFL season may well be over, but EA Sports’ recently released patch for Madden 17 came with a few bug fixes and gameplay improvements that seem pretty handy! Definitely intentional to […]

Yesterday was the eagerly awaited Super Bowl LI, and what a show it was! Tom Brady led the Patriots to an awesome win, but if you only heard that they managed to win 34-28 you would probably be misled into thinking that the Patriots had held the upper hand over the Atlanta Falcons throughout. Instead, […]

If you’re hooked on Madden 17, but spend most of your day working in an office needing that extra bit of motivation to get through the 9-5 day and back home to playing? Funko have the ultimate solution – collectible figurines of some of your favorite players! Their latest wave was released back in August, […]

Heads up, you can grab the Madden NFL 17 Super Bowl LI Edition from Microsoft on Xbox One for just $19.80, a huge $40.19 saving, for the next week! If you were considering trying out the game before then this is the perfect time to give it a try!   Get into that Super Bowl […]

2017 will most definitely be an exciting time for gamers with the upcoming Nintendo Switch due to arrive in March. Whilst it has had such a build up though, will we be seeing Madden 17 on what could be one of the newest major game consoles of our generation? EA Games has of course already […]

For those of you new to playing Madden Mobile – this year things have changed and there are multiple ‘Auction House Numbers’ that your account could be classified under. The issue that this presents is that you need to be on the same Auction House as another user in order to trade Madden Mobile coins […]

Within Madden 15 Ultimate Team are 5 objectives for you to complete in order to earn 500 Free MUT Coins, various collectible and a Bronze Badge which can be used within your MUT Sets to earn additional superstar players. These objectives are seen as a slight tutorial to the basics of Madden Ultimate Team (MUT). […]